This course is designed for anyone working in a healthcare communications that is looking to improve their presentation skills.
This course will give you behaviours and advice to help build your confidence and enhance and sustain your long-term relationships.
This course is designed to increase account executive’s proficiency in assertiveness skills.
During this course, you will learn the fundamental skills to coach others, utilise a framework to structure the conversation, know when to coach and practice your new skills!
This short course covers the essential skills needed to manage others and invites the participant to create a plan for how they will perform in the role.
This course will cover the principles, practices and processes of marketing in today’s environment and most importantly, how to apply them effectively.
This course will will provide you with a thorough understanding of the key principles, processes and terminology relating to marketing.
This course will enable you to deep dive into some very practical key ‘must know’ topics including skills, capabilities and experiences to use immediately.
This course will help give you a practical, hands-on understanding of the concept of launch excellence giving you the confidence to go forward and launch your brand successfully
This course helps account managers and directors adopt consultancy skills and a client-centric approach to account growth.
This course will enable anyone who works with an agency to increase productivity, ensure their fees are spent wisely and ultimately produce more effective material.
This course is rooted in the science of how the body and brain react to pressure and stress and offer a practical and non-fluffy guide to maintaining and building your resilience.
This course is designed to equip budding writers with the essential skills they need to embark on their journey as a medical writer.
This course is designed for writers looking to progress from junior roles, empowering them to build upon their existing knowledge.
Upskill senior medical writers with this Word Monster course, aimed at those looking to assume management and senior writer roles.
Word Monster’s e-learning series is the perfect solution for individuals seeking to upskill as medical writers, at their own pace.
Delve into the processes and skills necessary for manuscript writing in this Word Monster workshop aimed at medical writers looking to upskill in the area of publications.
Explore the skills and knowledge needed to effectively integrate SEO into medical writing through this Word Monster workshop.
A workshop designed to enhance the essential agency skills required by effective medical writers.
This workshop is perfect for individuals wanting to enhance their medical writing with creative flair and powerful storytelling.
Ethics 3
Onyx Field Force is an ABPI Code of Practice education programme designed to meet the needs of those working in field sales roles within pharmaceutical companies.
Ethics 2
Onyx Reviewer is a programme designed for those working within pharma companies to learn the ABPI Code of Practice with respect to the commercialisation of medicines.
Onyx Signatory comprises 15 online courses covering all aspects of the ABPI Code of Practice in detail, as well as practical ethical theory and its use in decision making.
Get insight and advice on ethics and compliance centred around the practical application of the ABPI Code of Practice.