Driving excellence in Pharma Marketing Learning and Development

Our Purpose

  • Recognised as voice of industry for marketing capability learning and development
  • Providing expertise, advice, best practice from a cross-section of the industry
  • Energy behind L&D (L&D as a culture; critical part of an organisation)
  • Bringing the outside in – other sectors to learn from
  • Identifies the future capabilities needed for marketing

Our Scope

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing learning and development, including capability building (training), ongoing learning (day job, coaching, mentoring)
  • Technical skills and business skills, leadership skills Leadership skills such as, management, leading without authority, managing time
  • Mindset and belief
  • Input to impact – performance and contribution
  • Beyond UK
  • Bringing the outside in – other sectors best practice for L&D (Google etc.)

The L&D Interest Group is co-led by Mike Orriss and Paul Reynolds.  It consists of people in Pharma who have responsibility for marketing L&D/ capability.

Please email alexandra.moore@pmsociety.org.uk or call 01403 264898 if you are interested in finding out more or to join the group. We are looking for people in Pharma L&D/ marketing capability roles.

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