Course Description

This workshop was developed to enable anyone who works with an agency to increase productivity, ensure their fees are spent wisely and ultimately produce more effective material.

The workshop is divided into two broad areas. Firstly, it covers the benefits of true partnership and what makes a strong one. And secondly it offers very practical advice on how to work with an agency throughout all the key stages of campaign development.

  • What makes a good client/agency relationship. The characteristics and benefits of a partnership versus a supplier-based relationship.
  • Working with the agency day-to-day. (Planning when working to tight timetables. The process for feedback. The roles of the agency team.)
  • Briefing the agency. (What makes a good brief including a potential structure. How much information. How you can inspire the agency.)
  • Creative presentations. (The dynamics involved and how to respond. How to assess work and give constructive feedback.)
  • Through the production process. (How agencies select and work with external suppliers. How to work with the agency during the production process.)
  • Addressing conflicts and performance issues. (How to diagnose them and address them constructively. How to run an agency appraisal.)
  • Remuneration. How to reach remuneration agreements that both sides are happy with.


Staff at any level responsible for working with and coordinating a creative agency.


Interactive Workshop

Upcoming dates

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