Creativity for Good 2024 launching soon

Creativity for Good is part of the PM Society’s giving back initiative where each year a chosen charity provides details on the support they need and the campaign they want to achieve, for agencies to then pitch their ideas to work with them and work towards achieving their goals, facilitated by the PM Society.

The winning agency is then announced at our PM Awards and presented with their successful campaign.


Details for our 2024 initiative and key dates:

  • Charity announcement – Friday 17 May
  • Briefing meeting – Thursday 20th June 2:30pm

Please register your interest by emailing and we will send you an invitation to join us for the briefing meeting.

We are delighted to be working with Acrodysostosis Support and Research as our charity partner for 2024.

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Creativity for Good initiative 2023.

Congratulations to our winners Verve and Four Health.

All our submissions were provided a brief, and we saw Verve and Four Health devised a smart campaign to raise awareness of Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease. They developed a plan for delivery and worked collaboratively with the CATS Foundation to execute a great campaign.

Daniel Lewi, leader of the CATS Foundation, had some great words to share on Creativity for Good 2023 and working with the winning agencies:

“We were given this fantastic opportunity through being selected as the charity chosen as part of the Creativity for Good campaign that the PM Society has been running for the last few years. We were fortunate to have an amazing campaign developed for us by Verve and Four Health called “Test for Tay-Sachs” which has a focus to speed up diagnosis (we will share more on the results of this campaign soon)! I also want to say a big thank you to team Verve who devised the most amazing campaign”.

Paul Beard, Director – Verve

“Once the Verve team saw the brief and heard from CATS Foundation co-founder Daniel Lewi, we knew it was a campaign we would be passionate about producing. Working closely with the charity, and our campaign partners at Four, the team utilised their full range of skills across creativity, impactful content and activation to produce an omni-channel campaign to drive positive action.

As an agency, we’re so proud of the team’s efforts, and the time they gave, to produce a campaign that’s raising much-needed awareness and behaviour change with HCPs. It was a privilege to support the CATS foundation and the PM Society’s Creativity for Good initiative.”

Kelly Smith, Chief Executive, Health & Dan Linton Director, Health Media – Four Agency

“We were delighted to take part in the PM Society’s Creativity for Good 2023 for CATS. Our vision statement is “Together we make a difference” and this was echoed in not only the wonderful relationship with the CATS foundation, but the creative partnership with our fabulous friends at Verve.

Using our combined expertise in media buying and creative development we were able to deliver real results, way above our predicted KPI’s and objectives. All stakeholders, including our publisher partners who donated the media, were all on board to support the campaign. Winning this category was a personal highlight for Four in 2024!”