Course Description

Are you fully unlocking the value of Medical Affairs for your organisation?

Designed with expert input from senior Medical Affairs leaders, this transformational course covers the hot topics that drive tangible results. From strategic thinking, brand planning and Omnichannel, to the power of networks, it is a ‘must-attend’ for those relatively new to Medical Affairs, to boost understanding and Medical Affairs success.

What is it?

This virtual course, built up of 5 bite-sized modules, is designed to prepare you for success in the early years of your Medical Affairs career. Click to learn more about each of the 5 modules:

1. The role of strategy in pharma

  • Understand what strategy and strategic thinking are and why they are important to the medical function
  • Explore and understand the value of Medical in strategy development and developing insight
  • Align on what good development and communication of a strategy would look like
  • Leave with practical ideas on how to impact and build strong strategies with your team

2. Thinking like a pharma strategist

  • Define what insights are and why medical insights underpin the lifecycle management of a product
  • Understand the importance of insights in creating strategies
  • Explore how to take information and turn it into insights
  • How can you leverage insights, apply them to the patient journey map and understand the pain points of your patient and healthcare professional in the course of a disease?

3.The role of medical affairs in shaping the Brand Plan

  • Share the principles of the annual Planning cycle and what it is looking to achieve – what stages will Medical be involved with?
  • To align on how the Medical role can add value in Brand Planning through insights and objective challenge
  • When, what and how to build the Medical Plan within the Planning Framework and discuss how to measure Medical activities

4. Building a tactical Omnichannel Medical Affairs Plan

  • What is Omnichannel? What is the value of Omnichannel for Medical in addressing unmet medical needs?
  • Understand the key steps to implementing Omnichannel including:
    • The Stakeholder Engagement Journey
    • Best practice content considerations
    • How to select channels
  • Explore stakeholder experience planning and how to establish sustainable experiences to bring your stakeholders coming back for more

5. Engaging with stakeholders and the power of networks

  • Understand the difference between a KOL and an advocate and explore best practices when engaging with different stakeholders
  • Explore how to develop a stakeholder strategy and engagement plan pre- and post-launch
  • Discuss and agree top tips in tracking, management and measuring of the stakeholder plan including in a virtual environment


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is in the early years of their Medical Affairs role, either from outside the industry (such as from the NHS) or having transferred into the role from being an MSL. This course will outline the essential foundational capabilities to accelerate success and impact in Medical Affairs.

For organisations and managers: What will participants gain?

Participants will leave this course with capabilities that will accelerate their ability to add value to cross-functional and Medical teams.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental basics of the Medical Affairs role, learn how to leverage skills and assets to make an impact across wider teams, and understand the actions which lead to professional development and career progression.

For participants: Why should I attend this course?

This is a one-stop course to accelerate your Medical Affairs career and the value you provide to your organisation, delivered by expert Uptake facilitators who truly understand your role. You will be given the opportunity to learn in a safe environment that encourages collaboration and active participation.


Anyone who has recently joined a Medical Affairs role


Online Workshop


5x 2-hours

Upcoming dates

Date Location
8th - 18th April 2024 Virtual event Learn more
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