Digital Awards 2021 – why online again?

We asked Awards Lead, Rachel Farrow, to tell us about this year’s event. 

The 12th PM Society Digital Awards will be held on the 16th September as an online event. It’s our second year running the event online rather than live at the Brewery in London. You might ask why we didn’t go live. After all, other events have done so.

As you can imagine it wasn’t an easy decision and one we had to make many months ago. Back then, with so much uncertainty around how Covid 19 cases would look in September, we believe we had no choice but to keep it online.

Am I sad about that? Yes of course, as I know how hard our industry has worked and how much people look forward to celebrating together.

Do I regret the decision? No. It was the right call to make at the time.

The event on 16th September will highlight the great digital work developed in the last 12 months and allow many agencies, pharma companies and charities to showcase their achievements. It’s all been made possible by our loyal sponsors, PRECISIONeffect, ARK, Astellas, Bionical, Brainsell, Cuttsy & Cuttsy, earthware, Exeevo, M3, Markify, mms360, Novartis, Open Health, Pharmadoctor, PM Group, Wave, Wiley and Wilmington Healthcare. We are very grateful to all these companies.

True to being the Digital Awards, we have a new online platform for the show this year, with lots of features, including the ability to chat to other attendees.

Please support the PM Society and the Digital Awards this year by registering for the event and logging on during your busy afternoons to watch the show, look at the finalists’ work, find out more about the sponsors, and support our chosen charitable cause – Long Covid Support Group.

Register here

See you there and thanks for reading.

Rachel Farrow

Digital Awards Lead & Director, PM Society


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