The PM Society Sustainability Interest Group aims to:

  • Facilitate a dialogue to support PM Society members’ sustainability initiatives, including through sustainability assessments required by client procurement functions (including but not limited to developing and implementing ‘net zero’ plans)
  • Provide practical ideas and advice on how agencies can improve their sustainability initiatives, primarily through a toolkit resource freely available to all members (to be updated annually)
  • Support sustainability initiatives within the PM Society, e.g. through the PM Society Awards

More broadly, the Group aims to connect individuals that seek to create positive change within our industry towards sustainability at the scale and pace required by climate science. This includes exploring the health impacts of climate change, how climate change is shaping the future of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, and how companies will continue to adapt to ensure resilience and long-term business sustainability.

The Group is co-run by Lyn Cruickshank, MD at Wallace Health and Ed Kos, Associate Director at 90ten.

“There is a lot of great work happening already, in member agencies and by many of us as individuals. The Sustainability Group will unite our efforts and focus on the issues that have greatest impact on health and the pharmaceutical sector.  We want every member to actively participate, and every client to benefit from our initiatives, so together we can make change happen faster and feel good about our contribution.”

Please contact us to find out more about the information and support available, or to volunteer your time to support the work of the group. Email Lyn Cruickshank ( or Ed Kos (


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