Course Description

This one day workshop is rooted in the science of how the body and brain react to pressure and stress and offers a practical and non-fluffy guide to maintaining and building your resilience. Delegates go away with many insights, tools and tips.

What will be covered?

  • How the body and brain respond to pressure and the effect of the stress reaction
  • Reframing your thinking
  • The science behind, and benefits of mindfulness and breathing techniques
  • Keeping your focus and limiting distraction
  • Exercise, relaxation, sleep and diet

Who is the course for?

This workshop is open to all professions and abilities, those that would like to learn new ways to manage stress and build resilience.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the brain’s survival mechanism produces ‘lower order’ emotional reactions that can be unhelpful in the workplace. The balance between good v unhelpful stress
  • Understand the ‘thinking traps’ we sometimes fall into and how you can step back, strip out the emotion and re-assess and handle pressurised challenges. A group exercise where delegates analyse a previous situation
  • Understand why technology makes us butterfly between tasks and keeps us in a state of ‘continuous partial attention’.  Practical ideas on how you can change the way you work to stay focused and be more productive
  • Understand how other aspects of your lifestyle can impact the way the body responds to pressure and can help build resilience


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Welcome to all professions and abilities


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Upcoming dates

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5th July 2024 Virtual event Learn more
8th October 2024 Virtual event Learn more
6th December 2024 Virtual event Learn more
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