Promoting Best Practice

Whether you are in a pharmaceutical marketing, medical or procurement role or work in agency client services, you will know the importance of good relationships between clients and their agencies. There is the important business of selecting an agency through the pitching process as well as building a true partnership to ensure the optimum development of campaigns and programmes.

The PM Society Industry / Agency Relationships Interest Group (IARIG) has been set up to promote best practice in how agencies and their clients work together. Made up of experienced individuals from Pharma and agencies we meet quarterly to discuss the current environment and initiate workstreams that we feel will highlight areas for improvement and help facilitate change.

We are keen to hear from Pharma professionals in Procurement, Marketing and Medical Affairs as well as agency MDs to get involved with the group.

If you would like to get involved with the group please contact us.

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Are we in need of a new procurement professional’s Guide to the Galaxy?

This article discusses the procurement guide 'wisest of tomes, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy', and if we're in...

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Survey Results 2021

In 2021 we conducted a survey to understand the stance within the industry in relation to diversity and inclusion....

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When two worlds collide

(Findings and insights from the PM Society survey on virtual meetings and pitches) You might describe bringing agencies and...

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Everything is the same and everything is different

(Findings and insights from the PM Society survey on virtual meetings and pitches) Why don’t we start with a...

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How to run an agency appraisal

In some recent research, conducted by the PM Society, when clients were asked how they currently assess ways of...

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Webinar: Virtual Pitching: A Perspective from Procurement – event report

Virtual Pitching: A Perspective from Procurement Wednesday, 3rd February 2021 We had a strong turnout from industry and agencies...

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Top 10 tips for virtual pitching

Before March very few pitches were ever done by video conference.  After lockdown ALL of them were done this...

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Pitches, feedback and a missed opportunity

Whichever way you look at it the heat just got turned up. Whether you look at it from a...

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PM Society Pitch Practice Survey 2019

Background This survey on Pitch practice was run in 2019 by the PM Society’s Industry-Agency Relationships Interest Group (IARIG)...

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Webinar: Industry engagement post COVID-19 - event report

Pharma engagement with HCPs and patients during and after the COVID-19 crisis  Wednesday 3rd June Industry and agency experts...

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Setting your agency partnership up for success (or not...?)

Selecting your new agency partner is often a long process and there’s a sense of relief once you have...

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How do you know you are choosing the right agency team?: The Art of Gemba

In my 11 years in pharma marketing, I have been involved in many agency pitches. Often the agency was...

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Think twice before you call a pitch

Every client/agency relationship has its ups and downs.  There’ll inevitably be points of frustration along the way, where you...

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The cost of pitching and the size of the prize

Recent research conducted by the PM Society revealed that 61% of agencies spend over £15,000 in internal agency time...

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Maximising the agency & procurement relationship - part II: Meeting Report

The ‘Maximising the agency & procurement relationship – part II: New models for pitching in the 20s’ event took...

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Running a Successful Pitch

10 Top Tips Consider whether you need a pitch at all: Pitching is expensive for everyone. Could one of...

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How long do agencies need to develop their best pitch?

In the recent survey on pitch practice conducted by the PM Society, agencies and clients commissioning work in healthcare...

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What's the secret behind a strong Client/Agency partnership?

What’s the magic formula that makes some clients and agencies click, while others collide rather unsuccessfully and before you...

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