Course Description

Launching a new medicine has always been tough. Healthcare changes, a more cost-constrained environment and not to mention the immediate and far-reaching implications of COVID-19 mean that launching a new medicine is getting tougher. Launch excellence is something that can make the difference between success and usage restriction. The skills, processes and understanding that drive launch excellence are a highly sought-after combination to maximise the investment made by healthcare companies and to enable the right patients to benefit from the medicines of today.

The Mastering Launch Excellence course will help give you a practical, hands-on understanding of the concept of launch excellence and the application of expert processes, giving you the confidence to go forward and launch your brand successfully.

Parts 1 & 2 are either delivered as two interactive training sessions over Zoom, or as a 1-day in-person workshop (please see workshop dates for further details). In both formats, the workshop involves group and discussion-based work with case study examples and a real-world focus to help apply learning and build practical skills. Additionally, for “in-house” workshops we will focus specifically on the brand in question to work through the development of a bespoke launch plan.

This course is only applicable for pharmaceutical and biotech industry employees who:

– are part of a cross-functional launch team (for example medical, sales, market access and market research) and who want to gain more insight into how to drive for a stronger launch
– want to learn the principles and process of launching a brand successfully so that they can be employed in their everyday role
– or are close to a launch and want to gain fresh ideas and stimulus to strengthen the launch strategy


Pharmaceutical and biotech industry employees who are involved in marketing launch operations.


Interactive Workshop

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12th - 14th July 2022 Virtual event Book now
8th - 10th November 2022 Virtual event Book now
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