Course Description

This 2 day Mastering Launch Excellence course will help give you a practical, hands-on understanding of the concept of launch excellence and the application of expert processes, giving you the confidence to go forward and launch your brand successfully.

What will be covered?

  • What is critical for launch success?
  • Building for a successful launch and beyond

Who is the course for?

This workshop programme is only applicable for pharmaceutical and biotech industry employees who:

  • Are part of a launch cross-functional team (for example medical, sales, market access and market research) and who want to gain more insight into how to drive for a stronger launch
  • Want to learn the principles and process of launching a brand successfully so that they can be employed in their everyday role
    or are close to a launch and want to gain fresh ideas and stimulus to strengthen the launch strategy

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the major elements and principles of Launch Excellence in the context of best practice case studies and industry research/trends
  • The ability to identify the critical elements of creating a launch plan at different phases of a launch and to recognise the priorities and potential pitfalls at each phase
  • The capability to consider the leadership skills and qualities for working with and leading a local cross-functional launch team
  • A practical understanding of how to define KPIs for pre-launch readiness and post launch success




Pharmaceutical and biotech industry employees who are involved in marketing launch operations.


Interactive Workshop

Upcoming dates

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