Demystifying the early use of AI in Pharma marketing. It is a rapidly evolving field that we are just starting to explore in pharma marketing.

The panel for this podcast, Chris FinchLucy George and Jessica Ingram, along with hosts Michael Orriss and Claudia Coelho, discussed the differences between generative and predictive AI before sharing experiences of its use so far. Discussions around the intersection of AI with human intelligence, the potential for efficiencies and greater quality of output. The opportunity to select personalised content and the use of personas was also mentioned. Challenges being experienced were highlighted including the ethical and compliance questions that are being asked. Finally, we peered into the future to what AI may be able to provide Pharma marketing once we learn more about how it can add value.

Our Digital Interest Group recently published an article ‘Generative AI: hyper efficient or just plain hype?’. You can read this article here.