After 2 years leading the PM Society Learning & Development Interest Group, Mike Orriss and Paul Reynolds have decided to take a step down but remain as group members.

We are pleased to announce that Mehrnaz Campbell and Claudia Coelho have now been appointed as the new co-leads and will now drive the group forward as they develop their 3-year plans.

Following this appointment, please see below Mike and Paul’s reflections as co-leads.



The L&D Interest Group was set up in June 2021 following conversations with several people in the industry highlighting potential gaps and focus on how Pharma marketing allows for L&D.

Two key areas for focus were identified early on following a series of interviews with pharma marketers, a gap in specific pharma marketing education and a lack of conversation in the industry about how best to address L&D.

After two years in the leadership role, Paul and I decided it is time for a change and asked if anyone from the L&D group wanted to take on the role. We recommend two co-chairs as it makes it easier to divide workload and gives focus on the two key workstreams to date.

Thankfully, Claudia and Mehrnaz has joined the group earlier in 2023 and had both been very active contributors. Paul and I were delighted when they offered to be the next Co-chairs of the L&D IG. This gives the IG an opportunity to revisit the 3-year strategic direction (with fresh perspective) of the IG with Paul and I remaining in the group as active contributors.



Having a 3-year plan was important – we knew what we were trying to achieve and the steps to get there. We delivered on our plans – our survey really helped us focus on what needed to be done.

We trialled the face-to-face seminar in 22, and then moved this to the PM talks format, which is now picking up a following – that was our objective (to be a source of knowledge).

The group is now vibrant, involved, active and really driving a clear agenda – with great participation and representative with plans now to bring in junior marketeers.

So, I really feel we planned and delivered and have built something that Mehrnaz and Claudia are able to develop further and grow as excellent and engaged new co-chairs.

We also spoke to Mehrnaz and Claudia to get their thoughts and plans for the future.


Mehrnaz and Claudia:

We joined the PM Society L&D Interest Group last year to take an active part and add value. We both got involved from the outset in organising and shaping PM talks to deliver value to Pharma marketers, and this initiative has been a great success attracting over 100 participants to our live sessions.When Mike and Paul asked for volunteers, we both stepped up to keep the momentum going.

Our mission is to ‘add value to Pharma Marketers’ in the UK and our next step is to get our Subgroup involved in defining our 3-year strategic plan and deliver on our mission.

If you’re interested in joining the Learning and Development Interest Group, then please get in touch with