In this podcast, Marketing with a capital M, we discuss what marketing could and can be in an organisation beyond the advertising and communications.

Our guest is Dave Allmond; David is a passionate, life sciences professional, with a particular interest in strategy development and has held several leadership roles in Pharma and diagnostics.

Hosted by Mike Orriss and Claudia Coelho.

Claudia brings over 20 years in strategic Pharma leadership roles across commercial and medical, including leading teams at Novartis and Pfizer. She is now a co-founder of Possible, an award-winning strategic healthcare consultancy, who work closely with business leaders to create innovative strategic business and people solutions.

Mike Orriss is the co-chair of the Learning & Development Interest Group and is a Marketing Consultant specialising in capability and in particular, customer experience and omnichannel with 23 years in the industry, most of that time with GSK.