Join us for an engaging episode of the PM Talk series as we explore ethics and compliance when using AI.

AI is increasingly being used in Pharma across a range of functions including marketing but don’t wait for guidance as it may not come! Remember what happened with social media? Many companies were paralysed waiting for guidance when the principles and values together with existing guidance was enough to start using social media.

AI has the opportunity to drive efficiencies and quality but how do we know that the data that is being used to generate or predict is ethically right in line with the values of a company? In this podcast, we discuss how Pharma builds a strong foundation of collaboration including ethics and compliance to deliver value for customers when using AI. We share examples of where companies are getting it right and where a company caught themselves with a large initiative before using outputs of their work using AI.

During this one-hour LinkedIn Live session, our co-hosts Michael Orriss and Claudia Coelho from the PM Society’s Learning and Development Interest Group host an insightful conversation with industry experts Shazia Hasan and Dr Nick Broughton.

By tuning in, you’ll gain access to practical strategies and techniques that can elevate your marketing strategies and enable you to create profound connections with both your customers and colleagues.