The PM Society Awards are unique among creative healthcare awards, in that they include categories judged by healthcare professionals – the targets of the work – as well as those judged by agency creatives and marketers.

Award categories are grouped below in accordance with the manner in which they are judged.

Target Awards

There are six target judged awards. For the first three of these, Kantar Health, an independent specialist healthcare market research company, arranges nationwide online surveys with a large representative sample of appropriate HCPs. What’s more, for the Secondary Care Advertisement category, the respondents are chosen according to subject matter of the material being judged – a degree of thoroughness, unique amongst healthcare promotional awards.

Judging criteria for all target audience awards includes: Impact, Appeal, Credibility, Relevance


  Category   Judging Method
  Primary Care Advertisement   GPs and Practice Nurses (online survey)
  Secondary Care Advertisement   Hospital Doctors and Nurses (online survey)
  Advertisement Campaign   GPs, Hospital Doctors and Nurses (online survey)
  House Promotion   Panel session by a specially selected group of senior pharmaceutical executives
  Corporate Communications   Panel session by a specially selected group of senior pharmaceutical executives
  Innovation Award   Panel session by a specially selected group of senior pharmaceutical executives



Craft Advertisement Awards

Primary Care, Secondary Care and Advertisement campaign craft entries are judged using online surveys carried out by Kantar Health. Nationwide online surveys are sent to a large contingent of senior creative healthcare agency personnel recruited by the PM Society each year.


Craft Awards

The remaining 10 craft awards are reviewed over a two stage judging process by a highly skilled and experienced panel of creative judges, experts in the healthcare sector.

Judging phase 1: Online review

The recruited craft panel will review and score all entries online, where possible; a number of entries from each category will be shortlisted based on the results from the online judging.

Judging phase 2: Panel judging day

Over the course of a day, the judges will review, individually score, debate and ultimately decide the best work, from the shortlisted online results, be it print or digital in each of the categories. This culminates in awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze accordingly.

All print and digital items are available for the judges to view at the panel judging day.

Judging criteria for ALL craft awards includes: Creativity, Impact, Innovation


We recognise and understand the sensitive nature of the information submitted in the entries; therefore we require all judges to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement before appointment.

If you are unsure if how your entry is judged please see the category description or contact

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