Tips for entry

  • Data, data, data… it’s so important that you can accurately represent how effective your project was. In terms of quantitative data, you need to show the KPIs agreed at the start and how the project performed against them. Ideally this would include some indication of behaviour change, e.g. a before and after survey around HCP knowledge or intention to change disease management. Qualitative data in the form of testimonials, particularly from a named client or HCP will also help.
  • Make sure the judges can experience the entry – either by highlighting its key content and UX in a video capture or giving a link to it if that’s possible (e.g., for websites or social media campaigns). Sometimes an entry will describe a project well, but the judges don’t have any idea of what the actual programme or campaign was like. Think about how you can help them visualise and experience it.
  • Engage your client early to gain approval.
  • Take a look at the results brochures from previous years to see what sort of projects win, these are listed in each category.
  • Ensure your entry is eligible.
  • Select your best work! (this sounds obvious) and make sure you enter the right categories.
  • Start your entries early; you can always save your entry form, come back to it later and submit.
  • Look at the supporting material required in plenty of time (e.g. videos, images, or URL’s)
  • Any project with the same creative idea can be entered in up to 4 different categories.
  • Remember a project entered a craft category one year can be entered again into an effectiveness category the following year (once you have data)

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Awards Manager, Lorna