How do we choose judges for awards run by the PM Society?

Our 2 awards events have separate judging panels and we try to ensure that panels are appropriate for the focus of the awards and the specific categories being judged. The following is taken into account every time we put together a judging panel.

Relevant Experience and Seniority:

During the vetting process an individual’s level of seniority and experience will be taken into account. This ensures that the judges have significant experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, creative industries and advertising, PR and communications, marketing, medical affairs and specifically digital channels and technologies.


The judging panel will be diverse and inclusive from a DE&I perspective and representative of the pharmaceutical industry. The broad range of judges are selected from a range of creative agencies, pharma companies, and companies that work within promotional healthcare and pharmaceutical services.

No Prior Award Wins Required:

An individual does not need to have won an award previously to be invited to be a judge. The focus is on their experience and expertise in their field.

One Judge Per Company or Agency:

To ensure fairness and impartiality, only one person from each company or agency can serve as a judge for a single awards event in a single year. Where a person is unable to serve in both the first and second round judging, they may be swopped for another person from the same company.

Relevant Categories:

Judges are grouped according to the categories they will be judging, ensuring that they have expertise in that specific area.  A single category will always need judges from different backgrounds and experiences, even if the majority are from one sector.

Term Limit:

Judges cannot serve as a judge for more than two consecutive years, allowing for fresh perspectives and new voices to be included.  After a year off they may then be invited to judge again if there is space.

Nomination of new judges:

Potential judges can be nominated by their peers, colleagues, or industry professionals.  If you want to nominate a judge, email including some information about the person and the reason you think they would make a good judge for the specific awards event (PM Society Awards or PM Society Digital Awards). You will be informed as to whether your nominee has been selected for this year’s panel or placed on a list for consideration in future years.