Sustainability commitment

We’re working towards a more sustainable PM Society Digital Awards, and we’re pleased to share what’s being done to reduce the carbon footprint our event.


The Brewery has a big focus on Sustainability. Here’s what they do.

  • To reduce energy

They use energy from renewable sources along with energy saving actions, such as LED light bulbs and adjusting the air con and heating

  • To reduce water use

They’ve installed efficient, modern washrooms and water meters

  • To reduce waste

They recycle as much as possible.  Anything they can’t is converted into energy so that nothing is sent to landfill.  Leftover food is shared with the staff and the Single Homeless Project charity.

  • To limit single-use plastic

They’ve replaced most single-use plastic with a more sustainable alternative

  • To cut food miles

The Chefs select foods from suppliers as close to the Brewery as possible.  For example, the fruit and veg are from Spitalfields market which sources 60% from local counties.

All veg and meat suppliers are from the UK and are Red Tractor and Soil Association accredited suppliers.

Find out more about The Brewery sustainability policy



We’re signed up to Carbon Capture, the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon Scheme, that captures CO2 emissions from paper production, storage, and distribution.  The carbon footprint of our programmes has been calculated and a corresponding amount of money is given to The Woodland Trust to plant trees.

We try to keep print to a minimum and think carefully about the production of programmes.


If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you, contact

Find out more about Carbon Capture