PriMe In House Workshop

Pitching for success for agencies


Who will benefit?

Recommended for anyone working in an agency setting and involved in preparing and participating in pitching opportunities. Particularly relevant for account handling teams.


What will be covered?

  • What do we mean by pitching?
  • Securing an invitation to pitch including preferred supplier status
  • Unlocking the briefing process
  • Interpreting the type of pitch required
  • Preparing to pitch including the pitching process
  • Clever ways to embed your ideas during the pitch
  • Managing the pitch delivery
  • Ways to influence the outcome
  • Following up and handling the decision making process
  • Negotiating a great outcome


Core Competencies

  • Understand the importance of the “process” of pitching
  • Create a pitching process tool kit to use in any pitching scenario
  • Gather insight into the clients’ experience of the pitching process
  • Discover ways to creatively embed ideas during the pitch
  • Develop new ways to positively impact the outcomes and decision making process


What are the learning outcomes?

Completion of this module will provide you with a thorough understanding of the key principles, processes and approaches relating to pitching, enabling you to work effectively with other members of your team to develop successful pitches starting with securing the invitation all the way through to achieving a winning outcome.


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