In House

We offer the majority of our courses as in-house training modules and can run these from your company offices or source a convenient training venue near to your workplace.

Courses can be run to the scheduled class-room agenda or can be customised ensuring it fits exactly with your learning needs.

The benefit of running an in-house course is the cost savings, especially for larger groups, with less time out of the office for your team. Also, not having delegates from other companies allows sensitive company information to be discussed in confidence.

Contact to discuss your training needs.

For a full list of courses which are class-room based and in-house click here, otherwise the below courses are just offered as in-house only:

How to get the best out of your creative agency

For clients at all levels responsible for managing advertising agencies and originating new creative work for print, video, digital material, conferences etc.

Pitching for success for agencies

Recommended for anyone working in an agency setting and involved in preparing and participating in pitching opportunities. Particularly relevant for account handling teams.

Pitching to select the right creative agency-half day

For staff at any level in Marketing or Procurement involved in managing pitches to select a creative agency

Understanding stress and building resilience

This half-day workshop is rooted in the science of how the body and brain react to stress and offers a practical guide to managing the pressures we face in the business world.