PM Talk

In this series, we’ll be discussing the key topics that Pharma Marketing is seeking to address. What you’ll get…

  • Gaining expertise and experience from experts in the industry.
  • Practical tips to turn theory and concepts in real Pharma scenarios.
  • Tap into a network of other marketers who are going through the same journey.


PM Talk Podcast 3 September 2023: Practical Application of AI in Pharma Marketing

Demystifying the early use of AI in Pharma marketing. It is a rapidly evolving field that we are just starting to explore in pharma marketing.

The panel for this podcast, Chris FinchLucy George and Jessica Ingram, along with hosts Michael Orriss and Claudia Coelho, discussed the differences between generative and predictive AI before sharing experiences of its use so far. Discussions around the intersection of AI with human intelligence, the potential for efficiencies and greater quality of output. The opportunity to select personalised content and the use of personas was also mentioned. Challenges being experienced were highlighted including the ethical and compliance questions that are being asked. Finally, we peered into the future to what AI may be able to provide Pharma marketing once we learn more about how it can add value.

Our Digital Interest Group recently published an article ‘Generative AI: hyper efficient or just plain hype?’. You can read this article here.



PM Talk Podcast 2 July 2023: The Red Thread with Stephanie Hall

In this podcast, The Red Thread, we discuss an expanded framework for thinking about the ‘red thread’ and some practical examples of the red thread in action in digital pharma tactics, innovation and also at a personal level.

Our guest is Stephanie Hall; Stephanie founder of Uptake Strategies is a multi-award winning pharma entrepreneur, with a particular interest in strategy development with a client base of over 25 pharma companies operating in US, Europe, UK and Asia.

Hosted by Nyambe (Yam) Smbwanyambe and Mehrnaz Campbell

Yam is the UK Associate Director, Strategy officer at MSD and has held various Marketing leadership roles across commercial and marketing at MSD.  He is also the host of Black Sherpa podcast. Empowering social mobility by openly discussing the challenges, insights and experiences that help succeed in life and business.

Mehrnaz brings over 36 years in strategic Pharma leadership roles across commercial and marketing, including Takeda and Pfizer. She is now CEO and Founder of Cheemia and Cheemia ReSET, an award-winning healthcare consultancy who work closely with commercial leaders to accelerate field force adoption of digital tools and contents to drive market access and sales growth.



PM Talk Podcast 1 May 2023: Marketing with a capital M with Dave Allmond

In this podcast, Marketing with a capital M, we discuss what marketing could and can be in an organisation beyond the advertising and communications.

Our guest is Dave Allmond; David is a passionate, life sciences professional, with a particular interest in strategy development and has held several leadership roles in Pharma and diagnostics.

Hosted by Mike Orriss and Claudia Coelho

Claudia brings over 20 years in strategic Pharma leadership roles across commercial and medical, including leading teams at Novartis and Pfizer. She is now a co-founder of Possible, an award-winning strategic healthcare consultancy, who work closely with business leaders to create innovative strategic business and people solutions.

Mike Orriss is the co-chair of the Learning & Development Interest Group and is a Marketing Consultant specialising in capability and in particular, customer experience and omnichannel with 23 years in the industry, most of that time with GSK.