Diversity is important in all areas of our lives and work. In this interest group we are considering diversity of gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or belief and neurodiversity in two key areas within the pharmaceutical and healthcare communications setting:

  1. Diversity, inclusion and belonging within our workforces at all levels
  2. Diversity in pharmaceutical and healthcare communications

This group’s purpose is to increase awareness of the issues, highlight and promote best practice in ensuring diversity, inclusion and belonging and support the PM Society’s member organisations to improve their own approaches to diversity.

For more information on joining this group please contact Alexandra Hankinson

2021 Objectives of the Diversity IG:

  • Ensure that the wider PM Society activities and interest groups have a diverse approach and strive for diversity in the make-up of their groups and panels.
  • Run a survey on diversity of workforces (both pharma and agencies)
  • Post a series of articles to raise awareness of a variety of diversity issues
  • Publicise organisations that are already achieving in this space, for our members to contact and liaise with
  • Gather best practice examples from our members that can be shared
  • Assess the addition of a training course around removing subconscious bias from recruitment in pharma/healthcare organisations
  • Contribute to the PM Society careers initiative to ensure we are considering diversity and attracting a diverse set of new people to the industry
  • Consider how to add one or more categories or ways of assessing entries in the PM Awards 2022 that takes diversity into account
  • Run further webinars or educational events on topics related to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

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Organisations and information on diversity in communications and healthcare.

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