Thursday 23 March 2017 Digital Health: The Future of Patient Centred Care The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Thursday 23rd March 2017
13:30 - 17:30

The Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street


For further information, or to reserve a place, please email Sherridan Povey at The EarthWorks, or contact the PM Society office for more information on 01403 264898.

The Future of Patient Centred Care

This event, brought to you jointly by the PM Society and The EarthWorks, is a FREE event for pharmaceutical executives only.

It takes place on Thursday 23rd March at the Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London.

With a start time of 13:30 this event will allow you to hear from experts in digital health discussing specific initiatives that are improving patient care. FULL AGENDA below.

Contributions from IBM Watson, Vodafone, GSK, NHS, Novartis, BMS, AbbVie and The EarthWorks should make the event both engaging and interesting.

Full speaker list below:

For further information or to reserve a place please email Sherridan Povey, The EarthWorks at: or contact the PM Society office for more information on 01403 264898.



AGENDA – Thursday 23rd March 2017, The Royal Society of Medicine
13.30 Arrival and coffee

Introduction – Digital Health: The Future of Patient Centred Care

Carwyn Jones, Co-chair and Digital Lead, PM Society


1. From Utopia: 4 Principles for Digital Health in 2017

Alex Butler, Managing Director, The EarthWorks

Alex will be discussing the exciting time digital health finds itself within in 2017, and the principles all companies working in this space should focus on to ensure they genuinely impact patient care.


2. Developing innovative IoT (Internet of Things) propositions for the healthcare sector

Carol Stafford, Healthcare specialist, Vodafone

As a healthcare specialist in Vodafone Group's Internet of Things (IoT) vertical market development team, Carol is responsible for identifying key healthcare trends, building relationships with potential partners and enterprise customers globally, and developing innovative IoT propositions for the healthcare sector. She will be discussing what this means for healthcare and patients.


3. IBM Watson: implications for healthcare and patients

Thomas Balkizas, IBM Watson Healthcare Executive Lead, UK and Ireland

Mission: to improve the way diagnosis and treatment is offered to patients in the UK and Europe using high-quality, evidence-based data to empower clinicians. The ability to take context into account during the hypothesis generation and scoring phases of the processing pipeline allows Watson to address complex problems, helping the doctor — and patient — make more informed and accurate decisions.

What does this mean for patient care and the pharmaceutical industry over the next few years?



Dan Conacher, Digital marketing lead, Novartis & Faisal Mehmud, Medical director, BMS




4. Effective mobile health solutions in rare disease

Rob Huxford, Global Commercial Head (PAH) – Rare Diseases, GSK

Too often mobile health solutions aren't designed to solve an underlying problem. GSK have created a mobile health solution for PAH patients to support them and their families. Hear Rob discuss how this was done, the challenges, and the next steps planned.


5. referapatient®: Agility, Insight & Innovation in Digital Health

Suresh Pushpananthan, Consultant Neurosurgeon at The Royal London Hospital and Clinical Director of referapatient®

Having witnessed numerous adverse events and ‘near misses’ related to poor documentation and communication of acute referrals, Suresh was determined to change this inadequate system.

He developed referapatient® - a suite of software solutions that enhance, augment and automate clinician workflows. It combines rapid-access cloud-encrypted digital archiving with a cutting edge telecommunications interface. Used in conjunction with a hospital's electronic patient record system, it provides a seamless digital platform for capturing, documenting and communicating patient information safely.

It now processes acute referrals from over 150 NHS Trusts.



Pratik Thakkar, Medical Advisor, BMS & Euan Holmes, Senior Brand Manager, AbbVie