Thursday 10 November 2016 Digital Works IV - 'Proud of making a difference' The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Thursday 10th November 2016
13:15 - 17:30

One Wimpole Street (Royal Society of Medicine)
The Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street
London W1G 0AE

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Proud of making a difference

Digital Works IV will focus on pharma companies and programmes they are proud of and which have genuinely had an impact on healthcare.

There will be a number of interactive presentations followed by Q&A and panel discussions.


13.15 Arrival and coffee

Introduction – Digital Works IV ‘Proud of making a difference’

Carwyn Jones, Co-chair and Digital Lead, PM Society


1. MyAsthma – aiming to change patients’, healthcare professionals’ and GSK’s understanding of asthma

Kai Gait, Senior Global Multi-Channel Director, GSK

MyAsthma has evolved over the last 5 years and is now the pharma industry and GSK’s first stand-alone, medical device application designed to help patients understand their asthma in more detail. Kai will share the journey and ambition behind the project.


2. Finding a rare patient

James Holah, Franchise Lead, Shire UK

Rare disease identification has always been a challenge. Potential patients are normally bounced around the NHS and sent to various specialists before anyone considers a rare disease.

The challenge was to equip the sales force, customers and patients with an educational tool to be able to help identify a patient earlier in the process.

Shire UK produced the ground breaking and innovative medical education campaign ‘Bringing Fabry into Focus’ to help identify the key markers in rare disease identification.


3. Cosentyx Connect Homecare Patient Support Program

Daniel Conacher, Digital Marketing Lead, Novartis UK

The Cosentyx Connect program was developed to improve the experience of Homecare for both patients and Healthcare professionals within hospital departments. Through technical innovation and close working with a very willing homecare provider, Novartis wase able to address some of the concerns, both for professionals and patients, to deliver a homecare and linked patient support program that is proving to be effective and popular with all stakeholder groups.






4. Teaching HCPs about social media: what we’ve learned

Becky Reeve, Head of Professional Relations, Sanofi

Becky has led a programme to educate HCPs in the use of social media. Some interesting outcomes and some interesting learning – not always what you might think!


5. eMIG (European Medical Information Gateway) – industry collaboration backed by EFPIA

Ian Hamilton, Medical Affairs Global IT Account Manager, Eli Lilly

The project is an industry collaboration (18 Pharma companies) being delivered with the backing of the EFPIA Med Info Working Group and with support from Medical Information Leaders in Europe (MILE). The project is planning to help physicians and patients find the dedicated Medical Information services and information held in pharma companies.


6. Health Unlocked – the journey to 2020

Pamela Penn, Business Development Director, Health Unlocked accompanied by NHS and pharma colleagues







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