Tuesday 26 November 2019 Agile marketing: how to innovate faster, better & cheaper The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Tuesday 26th November 2019
12:15 - 17:00

The Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street

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Agile Marketing: how to innovate faster, better & cheaper

Agile ways of working have transformed the tech and manufacturing industries, delivering more customer centric solutions quicker and more efficiently than ever before. But can we really be Agile in the risk of averse, compliance focussed world of Pharma? With experts, case studies and debate, this meeting will explore the principles of Agile, how it can be implemented in our industry and the value it can bring to our brands.



Agile Marketing: how to innovate faster, better & cheaper: Agenda

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Introduction & Welcome
Colin Williams, Digital Interest Lead & Global Product Manager, GSK and James Harper, Founder 28b


Agile in a regulatory culture - lessons learnt from digital transformation in the NHS
Hazel Jones, Healthcare Technology Consultant and ex Director of NHS Apps and Wearables

In this presentation Hazel Jones, Healthcare Technology Consultant and ex Director of NHS Apps and Wearables, will discuss the value of Agile to an organisation and share valuable lessons learnt in implementing Agile in the regulated environment of the NHS. She will explain the steps and elements necessary for a successful transformational process, such as moving from a functional (us) to a digital (users) mindset, managing detractors, shared goals and the psychology of change.


Value of agile in pharma marketing with award winning case studies
Chris Bartley, Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer at Havas Life Medicom


Agile compliance – paradox or necessity?
Dr Nick Broughton, Founding Partner, Ethos Pharmaceutical Ethics and Compliance Limited

In this talk Dr Nick Broughton will challenge the perception that thinking in a flexible iterative way about compliance issues is in some way paradoxical, that somehow compliance is rigid and immoveable and cannot be part of the creative process. Further he will argue that iterative and flexible thinking is indeed essential in compliance, as is personal accountability and that without these in place compliance as a concept is flawed and may even be unethical.




Agility in ensuring digital communications comply with the ABPI Code
Rina Newton (Managing Director, CompliMed) and Debbie Young (ex-Head of Multi-Channels & Digital, AstraZeneca)

Rina Newton (Managing Director, CompliMed) and Debbie Young (Head of Channels, AstraZeneca) explore how a tried-and-tested agile approval process can be applied to complex and innovative digital communications and technology.


Putting Agile into practice; lessons from an organisation’s experience
Nick Williams, Head of Strategy & Value, Triducive, Ollie Roberts, Brand Manager and Theodora Montsenigou, Associate Brand Manager, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Reflections from experience at Novartis UK; Adopting Agile to accelerate a focus on prioritising what’s important and simplifying ways of working for greater patient impact. The promise, the challenges and the practical considerations for success.


Questions & Answers


Thank you & Close
Colin Williams & James Harper


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