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Health & Care Videos
We are Health and Care Videos and we use our videos to put knowledge into patients’ hands.  
Our focus is on using videos in pathways of care in hospital, general practice, at home, and in the community.  
We are a partnership with an NHS trust and we have now produced 1,300 videos that have been developed with and signed off by NHS clinicians, making them safe and reliable to use.  This is the largest collection of health videos in the UK, if not the world. We also support clinical research management to improve volunteer recruitment and site training using video and elearning.
Thanks to our specially designed libraries, web platforms and apps, this is a simple, easy to set up resource, and our change teams can help you redesign pathways of care and maximise the impact the videos and platforms can have.  In one specialty alone, in one NHS Trust, we saved £43,000 in one year through our angiogram videos replacing the need for face to face pre-assessment appointments.

Video works.