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11 London Advertising
11 London is a boutique strategic and creative communications agency, based in West London but working globally.

We work in the fields of health and humanity - complex areas, but the ones that matter most.

For our pharma and biotech clients, we use our experience and links with patient groups to put more humanity into health communications: bringing patients in as genuine partners enables you to see the human behind the data, and helps you achieve your goals with greater authenticity.

We are strategic thinkers and creative entrepreneurs, so delight in solving problems others shy away from.

At 11, you’ll get big agency expertise but with the agility that comes with independence.
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28b Digital
Our purpose is to unlock the power of digital for pharma and medical device brand teams and their agencies. Our consultative and software development services will help you understand and leverage the full potential of digital platforms to achieve real business benefits.

When it comes to working with agencies, we are partners not competitors – you do your thing – exceptional brand strategy and awesome content – and we do ours – outstanding technical consultancy and software development with seamless implementation; together we create brilliant experiences.

Specialising in developing dynamic digital sales aids and other MCM/CLM tools for the pharmaceutical industry we are experienced and certified in all major platforms including Veeva (Level 4), MI Touch and Agnitio.
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Account Management Skills Training
Account Management Skills helps agencies manage and grow client business by providing training for account managers and account directors.

Our training programmes are run by agency owners and leaders who have managed and grown healthcare agencies and understand what clients are looking for from their agencies.

Our workshops cover key skills required to help account managers and account directors add the most value to the client's business; how to ask great questions, how to systematically develop and grow existing accounts, how to think strategically, how to manage accounts in the digital age, how to be more time efficient, how to be confident presenting in front of clients, how to manage others, how to deal with procurement, how to negotiate and more.

We provide workshops for individual attendance, in-house training for agency teams, one-on-one and group coaching, in person or remotely. We believe that to embed the knowledge from a one off training day requires follow up, practice and support. Therefore we always offer a follow up accountability programme where attendees can ask questions when implementing the strategies in their day to day role.
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Alimera Sciences Pharmaceutical
Retinal disease is our focus. At Alimera Sciences we are dedicated to developing innovative, vision improving treatments for retinal diseases.
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Aurora Public Relations
We're a strategic communications agency specialised in health.

We do what we do because we genuinely want to make a difference to our clients’ brands and, in turn, to the impact those brands can have on healthcare and society as a whole.

This means we must always be thinking bigger. For us, this is not only about creative thinking (though that’s a big part of it). It’s about seeing the bigger picture, and having a bigger ambition for what your brand can achieve. And then we get you there with the perfect combination of great thinking and great delivery.

And just as important as what we do is how we go about doing it – in an enjoyable atmosphere where ‘happiness’ isn’t just a nice idea, it’s how we drive great performance for our clients.

Patient Involvement, Digital, Medical education, PR, Brand Support, Strategic Counsel, Crisis Management, Social Media, Disease Awareness Campaigns and Media Relations
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AVT Connect Digital
AVT Connect is a live and digital communication agency who specialise in working on healthcare projects.

We help bring to life complex scientific data and information by visualising and disseminating content in a new and engaging way to key stakeholders through the right channels.

Working on digital touchpoints to connect customer activations and offline and digital activity, we help take people on an emotional journey. Our team has extensive experience in implementing and advising on design, making events interactive, engagement, putting content online, repurposing/reusing assets and understanding the formats and flow of meetings and digital projects.

Recent healthcare events and digital projects have included:

Digital playbooks | Gamification & case based learning experiences | Interactive symposiums
Content and holographic projection | Virtual anatomy | Mode of Action videos | Webinar series
Hybrid meetings & launches – multi-site & speaker linkups | "Meeting in a box" experiential learning
360 video with KOLs | Patient case study videos | Exhibition concepts - data and patient approaches
VR experiences using Oculus Rift | Mode Of Action videos | Live, pseudo live and on-demand webcasts
Slide selector solutions for speaker training events | Event engagement apps – iPad and BYOD solutions
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Bedrock Group Business Services
Bedrock is a privately-owned communications and healthcare experience research agency group that utilises an absolute audience focus to provide creative solutions for client's communication needs.

Now consisting of two separate companies; Origins Insights and Bedrock Healthcare Communications, Bedrock Group has grown from a small UK based start-up consultancy in 2011, to an award-winning leading player in health experience research, international strategic medical communications and creative medical education in 2019.
Working in close alliance with national and international healthcare companies to gain a deep understanding of their stakeholders has enabled Bedrock to assist clients to build strong, mutually rewarding relationships with their audiences, whether internal or external, healthcare professional, patient or carer.

This audience focus has also fuelled Bedrock’s drive to create a wide range of stakeholder-centric, innovative programmes, from the development of meaningful scientific stories, to the delivery of engaging awareness programmes. ‘Edutainment’, a pioneering approach which seeks to educate and inform audiences in an engaging and entertaining way has been born from this.

For further information please visit /
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bmore group Marketing Services

Bmore group. Our promise: better health from trial to treatment

Founded in 2010 as bmore creative, we have evolved into four specialised divisions to meet your needs across the healthcare communication spectrum.

We are a full service, independent network of specialist agencies under one roof specifically created to meet the modern needs of patients, healthcare professionals and marketeers.

Why bmore group?
By providing a truly connected, strategic and informed approach to medical education, global brand launches, marketing, consultancy, health technology, patient adherence and well-being, our innovative programmes make a real difference to patient lives.

The science of well-being. Everything starts with the best education. At bmore educated, the patients and HCPs are at our centre. The possibilities for medical education are rapidly expanding with innovation. We help our clients really understand what HCPs actually need from pharma and tailor our solutions to match these needs.

Everything can bmore creative from strategy to branding and all the advertising touch points in between. Excellent brand communication starts with a clear brand proposition and robust strategy to build campaigns that resonate. We use insight and creativity to push the boundaries of healthcare advertising to build brands with impact.

The bmore digital team works tirelessly to ensure our solutions, first and foremost, are built simplistically to meet the needs of our users. Health technology, including websites and apps, can be your patient's first touch point. Our focus is to ensure the user experience is well managed and well treated across the whole solution, from trial to treatment.

bmore connected is our newest division. It focuses on patient support and adherence programmes. How can we help support your patients and HCPs post-prescription? But the connected mentality across the group ensures that the insights gained in this support service circle back to the relevant divisions to ensure better patient care for life, not just a budget cycle.
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Box Bear Ltd Digital
In the digital media communications era, how do you differentiate suppliers? The Box Bear pitch is simple: excite your customer- give them an experience and they will share it. Talk to us about the success we achieve for clients, and how we can achieve the same results for you
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Brainsell Ltd Market Research
Healthcare market research consultancy with a passion for innovation in research methodologies. We believe research methodologies should evolve to embrace the new thinking and behaviours that are emerging, but above all, our aim is to simply find the truth and deliver it in a meaningful way within the context of your business needs.
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Brandcast Health Medical Education
Brandcast is a PM Society Digital Media Award winning agency. We are a fully integrated web and video production agency with a strong track record in delivering digital media for professional and patient healthcare communities. In our studio-offices in London and Madrid, our writers and producers, designers and developers conceive and realise websites, DVDs, web TV, interactive event applications, streaming media, podcasts, and online marketing campaigns. We work with, and are trusted, by many of the healthcare industry's best known organisations to produce innovative work which really works.
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Clark Health Communications Public Relations
Clark Health Communications is a fresh thinking health and medical communications agency. Our team is made up of experienced and talented consultants, motivated by the belief that communications is at the heart of addressing many of the key questions and challenges in fighting disease and keeping people well.

Our goal is to work with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to maximise the role of communications in health and medicine. And as a result, we make clients think differently about communications and communications agencies.

We deliver PR, medical education, market access and advocacy programmes and projects inspired by healthcare professionals or patient advocates to drive improvements in practice, challenge ingrained habits, and improve communications. Through this ethos, we believe we can deliver the right solutions that make a genuine difference.

For more information about the work we do, please visit our website:

We are growing and recruiting at all levels - to get in touch, email
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Cogora Marketing Services
Cogora is one of the UK’s leading full-service healthcare marketing agencies, that sits at the heart of a highly engaged community of 220,000 healthcare professionals.

For over 25 years we have cultivated and grown engaged communities of healthcare professionals, learning what they do, think and really need, in order to provide them with innovative and impactful education that helps them deliver quality care to their patients.

Cogora’s five divisions: ‘Media’, ‘Insight’, ‘Market Access’, ‘Communications’ and ‘Education’ operate autonomously and in collaboration to create compelling, competitive solutions for clients looking to access healthcare professionals.

For more information, please contact us on 020 7214 0500 or at
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COUCH Medical Communications Marketing Services
COUCH Health is a new breed of patient engagement agency that is born out of a very personal experience. In 2002, one of our founders lost their father to prostate cancer. Had his doctor been sufficiently educated on the signs to look for, he might still be here today. Had their father understood his own symptoms, he might still be here today. Had his father’s healthcare team been aware of potential life-saving clinical trials, he might still be here today.

And so we are motivated by the profound understanding that, collectively, we need to do better.

We start and end with the people who will use the communications we develop. Our purpose is to better educate people about anything that can save or improve lives. So we speak to them directly and plainly. We help them understand and act so that they can live happier and healthier lives.

We specialise in connecting with people; be that patients, study sites, investigators, healthcare professionals or communities… and our results speak for themselves. So if you’re looking for better, let’s talk.

Each person who has joined COUCH Health is driven by a genuine desire to help improve lives. And we each hold ourselves accountable in our mission, because it’s our responsibility to constantly question what we and others deliver.

We ask how can we be better? How can we do more to pioneer the change that’s so desperately needed? By asking these questions we’re able to be more creative and forward-thinking in the solutions we present to you.

Are you ready to start your next project? Let's talk.
e. | t. +44 (0) 330 995 0656
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Cuttsy+Cuttsy Marketing Services
We are an award-winning healthcare communications agency. Where people matter.
We combine scientific evidence, design methodology, strategy and real world know-how to create tangible results in the healthcare and charity sector.

The principle of Emotional Intelligence (EI) guides our thinking and helps us to build meaningful and impactful connections with audiences through the communications we create. Applying EI really does make a significant impact. While reasons lead to logical conclusions, it is the trigger of emotion that leads to positive action.

From big-picture strategy to fine-detail campaign execution, we’ll communicate your vision. Our award-winning team enable us to offer skills from design to film, copywriting to account management, digital development to event management, strategic planning to education. All of this is underpinned by a thorough understanding of the healthcare sector.

We never lose sight of the fact that people are central to everything we do. It’s why we pride ourselves on developing close and mutually respectful relationships with everyone we work with from clients to patients.
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DDB Remedy Advertising
The world is faster, smaller, better connected and more vocal. Communication has become a conversation not a broadcast. While presenting new challenges, this also creates new opportunities for companies engaged in today’s healthcare market.
As an entirely integrated healthcare communications agency, DDB Remedy has the talent, experience and resources to make the most of these opportunities. Staying true to our DDB principles we place creativity at the heart of our business regardless of the medium we are working in.
DDB Remedy continues to grow and is now one of the largest UK-based creative healthcare agencies. We are part of the most awarded agency networks and the largest consolidated advertising and marketing services global network.
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earthware Digital
Through digital consultancy, websites & apps earthware solve real world problems for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and patients.

We've worked with many pharmaceutical companies, big and small across the UK and Europe. Our award winning work covers everything from eDetails to artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and web and mobile applications.

We are Veeva, Agnitio and IQVIA agency partners and are experienced in managing projects through Zinc MAPS and Veeva PromoMats for our clients.

All our work is underpinned by our three word mantra; Imagine, deliver, together.

Imagine - We start with a blank piece of paper. We question. We challenge. We try to understand everything about your business, your customers and the challenges and opportunities that exist. And then we imagine what the perfect solutions look like.

Deliver - We don’t stop at the idea. We deliver the solution. On time, on budget. The processes we’ve developed and refined over 10 years help us to achieve this. We understand that the software we build is merely a means to an end, not the end itself so we encourage our clients to set and monitor KPI’s so we can continuously refine the effectiveness of our solutions.

Together - We can’t deliver imaginative solutions alone. We understand that our clients know their business and their customers best. That is why we form cohesive partnerships with our clients on every project. Working together to explore the problem, find the solution and deliver it.

Please contact our Managing Director Chris Finch to find out more about how we could help your business or visit for more information and examples of our work.
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Edge Medical Communications Medical Education
EDGE is a medical writing and design agency. We write words that are accurate, insightful and authentic, and that are enhanced by design simplicity. We partner with our clients to create innovative and effective medical communication materials that advance clinical practice.

EDGE is built on the philosophy that communicating clinical evidence through high-quality medical writing and design, changes clinical practice for the better and brings commercial success for our clients. With integrated offices in Surrey, England and NSW, Australia, we provide around-the-clock writing resource for our clients in the UK. On many occasions, we have picked up an urgent project at 5 PM GMT and had the materials waiting for review in our clients' office by 9 AM the following morning.

Within our broad range of experience over 20 years in medical communications, we offer particular expertise in advisory board materials, slide kits, e-learning programmes, and meetings presentations.

Please contact Liz to discuss how we can partner with you to discuss your next project.
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emotive Digital
Only true engagement drives genuine behaviour change.

We combine deep insight, scientific expertise and novel thinking to stimulate engagement.

We are emotive. the healthcare communications agency, where engagement is everything.

emotive. is an award-winning healthcare communications agency working with leading global and EMEA companies in life sciences including medical device and rare disease specialists.

Our in-house scientific, creative and development teams stimulate engagement; using core insights to build strategic plans leading to the development and delivery of tactical programs. These are embedded with novel thinking, often utilising new technologies that address traditional challenges and motivate behaviour change.

At a community level, we promote engagement in science by students through our sponsorship of the emotive. science lab and pre-university prize at a UK girls school. We are also developing pro-bono awareness activities and raising funds for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Charity.
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Fingerpost Consulting Ltd Freelancer
At Fingerpost Consulting we provide freelance support to market access consultancies and healthcare agencies. Our team of freelancers and partners means that we can support in a number of areas requiring market access expertise (particularly payer insight and value demonstration). Previous support has included:
- Freelance project support for projects e.g. medical writing, HTA writing, value communications, market research interviews.
- Outsourced market access projects e.g. Payer/reimbursement landscape primary and secondary research
- Support for proposals and pitch meetings
- Strategic advice
- Internal workshops to help identify project opportunities
- Customised training programmes or one-offs
- Recruitment support
Further information is available at, or please email
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Four Health Marketing Services
Four Health offers unique insights and integrated solutions for healthcare professionals, patients, policy makers and payers. The team includes Four Health Communications, offering PR, medical education & patient advocacy & access services; Four Public Affairs, offering strategic counsel, government affairs support, market access & policy campaigns; Four Health Media, offering multi channel media planning & buying; & Four Engage, providing data-driven actionable insights.

Our trademarked processes & proprietary data
DataHub360 draws on proprietary data gathered from over 70 million physician & patient interactions in over 50 countries online annually. This insight can be used to set genuine benchmarks, define digital success & implement best practice without a costly learning curve.
Mapper360™ makes smarter use of social media & other data to uncover actionable insights and identify, classify & target high-value audiences
Engage360 delivers a full suite of content marketing services, spanning all aspects of smart campaigns from asset creation & paid social targeting to ‘always on’ community management with industry-beating results

Four Health is dedicated to working with you to develop integrated solutions that meet your specific needs; providing you with a unique communications strategy, delivered by one expert team.
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Gass Associates Ltd Freelancer
Passionate committed well-connected matchmaking recruitment consultancy.
Nurturing creative careers at all levels both permanent and freelance.
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Grace Communications Ltd Advertising
Grace Communications is an independent healthcare communications agency working with clients to help drive prescription only,
pharmacy only and OTC brands... all with a dose of our TLC!

This is what our clients say about us:
"Love working with this agency. They challenge me along the way BUT always take my points on board."

"They took an existing campaign and added some sparkle that made it shine!"

"Grace created award winning work but never lost sight of the objectives. They made it fun and engaging."

If you and your brand need a little TLC, get in touch
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Hanson Zandi Advertising Advertising
Hanson Zandi is an independent advertising agency offering 25 years of experience in the healthcare advertising and communications arena with a portfolio of acclaimed UK, European and Global work. Our philosophy as a healthcare advertising agency is a simple one.

We believe in understanding everything there is to know about the product and its potential customers, then pushing the brand to its limits, so the brand works its hardest for you. If you want to get the best out of your brand, you want Hanson Zandi behind it.
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Health Unlimited Ltd. Public Relations
Health Unlimited is a global health consultancy and communications agency built by specialists with unmatched experience, perspective and expertise. For more than 25 years we have been driving results for companies solving the world’s most complex and challenging health issues.

We are Unmatched.
We have a common purpose to deliver results that enable our clients to improve and save lives. Our senior team is long tenured bringing deep experience and expertise that our clients value.

We are Unbeatable.
We bring the right people to answer each client’s needs. Our agile teams of specialists understand today’s healthcare, public policy, and patient advocacy environments - perspective and expertise that our clients rely on to succeed.

We are Undaunted.
We have been at the forefront of developments in health and medicine for complex, hard to treat and sometimes controversial conditions.

We are Unapologetic.
We deliver integrated solutions across public relations, multi-channel marketing, medical education, social, search, market research and neuroscience. Our channel agnostic strategy means solutions will always be the right ones for your brand, not our agency.

We are Health Unlimited…
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HealthCircle Advertising
We're Healthcircle – an award-winning healthcare advertising and creative communications agency, offering a holistic approach to brand health.
With a commitment to improving patients' lives, we bring fresh thinking to professional, patient and caregiver communications.
Now a member of the Fishawack Group – one of the world’s largest independent medical communications organisations – we are positioned to deliver our unique brand of integrated creative, strategic and medcomms solutions on a global scale.
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HUG HEALTH Advertising
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huumun Digital
huumun is a digital transformation business helping life science and pharma companies transform, by humanizing the digital experience.

We believe that by looking at digital challenges through a human lens, we can bring about sustainable digital transformation; by creating digital experiences that are more intuitive, more measurable and more empowering.

We are motivated to work with companies that share a human-centred focus; wanting to enhance human lives in the products and services that they offer and the digital experiences of their brands.
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IGNIFI Advertising
IF you could rely on high-quality creative advertising and marketing services, delivered on-time, on-budget and hassle-free, would that make a difference to your performance? IGNIFI can help. IGNIFI sparks and sustains successful brands in healthcare, wellbeing and active lifestyle. Our flexible, friendly attitude is coupled with the expertise and grit to get things done, and done well.

Whether it’s a new multi-channel campaign creative or localisation of a global campaign, our goal is simple – to deliver the most effective project outcome for our clients.

We work with global and local brands, stakeholder organisations, HCPs, payers, influencers, patients and consumers. Our well-rounded, 25-strong unit offers marketing, business, creative, design, digital and life science disciplines, dovetailed by a first-class client services team and an ethos of do more and do it better.

IGNIFI can enable you and your business – creating, developing and controlling critical communications that engage and motivate customers, colleagues and patients to act.

If you could benefit from our help, please get in touch to discover the power of IF.
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Initiate Consultancy
The global launch strategy and market access consultancy working exclusively with novel products designed to help those living with rare disorders.

Initiate with a consultancy with tried and trusted methodology, led by a senior team with over 50 years experience, working on more than 50 successful product launches at a national, regional and global level.

Every client and product is unique so Initiate will always provide bespoke services to fulfil the requirements, which may include:
- Positioning
- Cross matrix strategy development
- Launch planning
- Launch readiness process
- Access insights
- Value demonstration
- Value proposition development and global value dossier
- Pre-launch pricing strategy
- HTAs & pricing and reimbursement submissions
- Tender strategy

Find out more at
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IQ Media Digital
IQ Media creates and delivers imaginative digital communication solutions to help our clients compete and communicate effectively. With over 30 years experience, our services include video production, website design, 3D and 2D animation, platform and iPhone, iPad and android app development, digital marketing, live event production, marketing and design.

We are passionate about what we do and aim to provide a results focussed service by understanding the customer needs and delivering a creative, value for money service of the highest quality.

IQ Media specialises in the development of innovative digital solutions for the healthcare sector.
We work in collaboration with industry, agencies, healthcare providers, clinical scientists, academics and patients to develop solutions that enhance the development and evaluation of treatment , services and pathways, that can radically improve the prediction, prevention and treatment of disease and provide people with greater control over their own health and care.
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KVA Digital Digital
KVA is an award winning full-service digital communications and brand experience agency, blending creative ‘outside the box’ thinking with technology and innovation.

By combining attention-grabbing creative with a strategic approach and high quality technical delivery, we bring concepts to life through emotional engagement, enabling brands to shine and consumers to have positive brand experiences worth talking about.

The traditional agency model means you need to have multiple agencies on board for expertise in particular disciplines. At KVA, we have that expertise in-house and bridge the gap between creative, technology, data and analytics. By working with a 360 understanding, we can apply your brand strategy holistically and execute with knowledge, discovering opportunities for making efficiencies. KVA has a full creative and technical team in-house and a proven track record of achieving outstanding results.
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Learner Adams Bones Advertising
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Life Healthcare Communications Advertising
Discover a place of magic and wonder.....

Don’t let your brand fall down the rabbit hole. Life is the elixir to solve your problems.

In Life, we all have a little bit of magic to bestow. We believe in the power of telling an enchanting story that can change beliefs and behaviours. Whether you want to grow your sales or shrink your competitors, we use imagination and insight, intelligence and creativity to get that fairytale ending for your brand.

Why don’t you experience some of that magic for yourself, and bring your story to Life?
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M3 Online Resources is the largest and most active independent network for collaboration and improvement in healthcare. Over 42,000 doctors engage in information, collaboration and education every day. allows pharmaceutical clients to rapidly engage their target doctors with key messages and initiatives
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Magneto Films Multimedia
We are an award winning video production company that specialises in health. We work with healthcare companies, charities, agencies and the NHS to make films that deliver change. Our films often feature real people’s stories that communicate in a deeply personal way. Every film we make is designed to do something: to inspire, to educate, to be shared, to move people to action.

We work closely with our clients throughout the production process from identifying audiences and refining messaging, to developing creative concepts, advising on case studies and scripting. We can help you make an engaging films that inspire audiences and deliver key messages. We also offer support to maxmise the impact of video through social media channels

Our films are used to provide peer support and patient information, for campaigns and behaviour change, to demonstrate impact, to show best practice and innovation through the stories of people's lives.

Our clients include NHS England, Age UK, Dementia UK, Arthritis Research UK, Beating Bowel Cancer, Anthony Nolan, Children with Cancer, Tommy's, the Health Innovation Network, Barts NHS Trust, London Health Board, Lewisham Public Health, Buckinghamshire Public Health and the Lancet Midwifery Series.

We'd love to hear from you. Do get in touch with Magneto Director Gaby Jeffs if you have a project to discus or you'd like a quote. 0207 274 2986
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Method Marketing Services
Method is an expert healthcare communications agency, delivering highly-effective digital solutions and online campaigns to improve the quality and effectiveness of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry communications
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MGP Ltd Publishing
MGP Ltd is a specialist multi-media company. Our aim is to improve patients' lives by promoting best practice in healthcare. 

Guidelines and Guidelines for Nurses provide concise clinical guideline summaries of major primary and shared care guidelines. Update monthly, both products are available online, via an award-winning app, and for GPs a handbook. Referred to extensively by those working within primary care, both Guidelines and Guidelines for Nurses play an essential role in keeping healthcare professionals up to date with current best practice, informing the patient consultation, and underpinning the development of local guidelines and protocols. 

Guidelines in Practice provides healthcare professionals in primary care with expert, credible content on best practice via a monthly journal, online at, and a mobile app. It supports those putting primary or shared care guidance into practice by providing information on guideline implementation. 

Our latest brand, Specialised Commissioning, showcases innovation and best practice in specialised healthcare. It features shared learning on guidance and policies from NHS England, NICE and other professional bodies and is circulated to an audience of commissioners, payers and healthcare professionals influencing access to specialist and secondary care medicines.

Our educational projects provide support to healthcare professionals on best practice and CPD. With projects for all stages of the guidance cycle from launch to implementation to meet needs: raising awareness of new guidance, filling a guidance gap, formulary support tools, driving implementation of guidance, facilitating best practice or access to new and specialised medicines.
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mXm Medical Communications Ltd Medical Education
mXm was established in 2000 and has grown to include mXm Medical Communications and mXm Health Consulting, the strategic arm of the group involving some of the most experienced medical marketing professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2000, we have developed and maintained a strong UK and International client base – a testimony to our professionalism, integrity, client understanding and motivation to deliver beyond expectations. How we do anything is how we do everything…utmost quality.

We pride ourselves on a fulfilled workforce who enjoy playing their part in mXm’s success and in whom we promote a good work-life balance, for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

With a team of highly experienced industry and NHS professionals from medical marketing and commissioning backgrounds, mXm is dedicated to meeting the needs of pharmaceutical medics and marketeers who expect a highly professional, expert service from their agency.
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OneHealth Communications Ltd Digital
ONEHealth Communications is a unique healthcare business that has grown out of the collaboration of specialist service providers to offer you ONE solution for your marketing and communication needs.


Combining strategic and branding strengths with creative and design talents to deliver targeted and measurable communication.

ONEHealth offers you expertise that can take your product or service from concept to communication and beyond.
With our specialist insight, we partner with you to meet your customer needs, by providing measurable access and engagement to build winning brands.

Our services range from insight and strategy, through creative design to targeted HCP communication.
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Onyx Health Limited Advertising
Onyx Health is a specialist healthcare marketing communications agency based in the North East of England (yes we are Geordies) but with an international reach.

Through the programmes we develop, our clients enjoy continued growth and success because:
- We are straight talkers
- We know our stuff
- We are strategically sound
- We solve your problems
- We create success
- We get the results
- We make you a hero

We are also a friendly bunch so why not get in touch. You are always welcome to visit our offices in Hoults Yard in the coolest part of Newcastle, and we might even take you for a night out on the "toon."
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Open Audience Ltd Digital
Engaging experiences for active audiences.

We are audience engagement specialists. We make sure your audience is fully engaged and involved in your event using a bespoke combination of technology and consultancy that is tailored to you.

We don’t just help you deliver, we help you design.

We will help you design your conference or meeting to maximise audience involvement by advising on agenda and topic setting, interactive exercises, room layout, speaker training, and what technology to use (and how to use it).

Whatever your industry or challenge, we can transform your meetings, virtual engagement and live events, to help you to reach your audiences like never before - whether they are in the same room or across the globe.
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OPEN Health Group Medical Education
OPEN Health is a family of expert practices, working in partnership to drive positive change in healthcare communications & market access.
With over 750 staff globally, we are organised across 3 key practices:
- Medical Communications
- Value, Informatics & Evidence
- Patient & Brand Communications
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Page & Page Limited Advertising
Stimulating the imagination to change belief and behaviours is what we do. It’s inherent to our communications process, and we’ve honed and developed tools that enable our clients to see new possibilities. By linking those possibilities with measurable objectives, we ensure brands communicate value, relevance and a purpose clearly.

Over the last 25 years, our team’s collective experience has successfully guided market leaders in pharma, biopharma, diagnostics and device through big change in global healthcare. Today, Page & Page is an independent marketing communications consultancy with fast-growing hubs in London and Tunbridge Wells. Led by a talented team with the right blend of big-industry expertise, we deliver creative solutions that gets brands the attention they deserve, all with boutique agility.

Brand building and creative facilitation, Visual communication: digital, social, mobile, print, animation. Owned, paid, and earned media. Campaign development. Advocacy relations. Employee communications and product launches
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Pegasus Public Relations
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PM Group Publishing
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PM Society Training
The PM Society is a not-for-profit organisation that believes creating & improving healthcare communications leads to better outcomes for patients.

The PM Society has the following purpose:
• Supporting organisations and people in healthcare
• Recognising excellence and promoting best practice
• Proving education and development
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Porterhouse Medical Group Ltd Medical Education
Porterhouse Medical Group provides strategic, insights, scientific and medical communications services to the global pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on programmes that have a positive and measurable impact for healthcare professionals and patients.
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precisioneffect Advertising
precisioneffect London is a Global Multi-Channel Marketing healthcare agency, and devoted to working with healthcare companies across the world who are committed to changing the standard of care for patients
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Publicis Health Public Relations
No client in the world has ever said, “give me the same as the other guys please”. Thinking differently, seeing another point of view, imagining the alternative are the essential ingredients to invention, innovation, and ideas that create change for better health.

At Publicis Resolute we are passionate about our original thinking, and we are set up to avoid the ordinary. We are the agency that brings real creative flair to medical education, and true scientific rigour to the art of public relations. We’re serious when others are fluffy, we’re creative when others are typical, we’re indispensable when others are extras, we’re imaginative when others are ordinary. We make your business our business. We predict the unpredictable, imagine the unimaginable so we can change the seemingly unchangeable.
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Radical Departures Ltd Digital
Radical Departures are award-winning specialists in digital learning and development solutions for our global, European and UK clients.

We conceptualise, design, write and implement rich interactive experiences that incorporate the latest ideas and technology, and we have the expertise to guide you through the nuances of deployment on internal systems or via our bespoke, hosted learning management solutions.

Our clients include the pharmaceutical industry, professional, public and charitable bodies.

Renowned for our innovative, creative and flexible approach, and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements, our 28-year history of success with digital, animation and film, makes us your ideal partner.
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Scarlett OH! Freelancer
Thought Leader & Advocacy Specialist
Advisory Board Facilitation & development
Opinion Leader Development Strategy & Programmes
Policy into Practice Programmes
Medical Education Programmes
Meeting Programmes (Symposium & Regional Initiatives)
Marketing Consultancy and Interim
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Skin and Blister Agency Advertising
On a mission to put the care back into healthcare communications.

Skin and Blister gather true insight to make complex information meaningful, accessible and useful to all.

As your creative agency, we offer the full range of services, with an ethos of challenges, not chores.

If you care about the future of healthcare communications, let’s work together.

Set us a challenge and we will show you what we can do.
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Spink Health Public Relations
With decades of experience, Spink remains an independent boutique consultancy specialising in health and well-being.

Through delivering a powerful blend of traditional publicity, social and digital media, strategic partnerships and influencer seeding, Spink drive brand awareness, change perceptions, drive sales and trial and facilitate communication for our many long standing clients and some of the UK's most iconic brands.

Clients range from innovative start-ups to global leaders, government and third sector organisations.
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Star Medical Recruitment
As the UK's first choice outsourcing and resourcing provider to the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries, we are passionate about helping our clients to make a real commercial impact. We achieve this through our unique approach to data, insight, analytics and unrivalled industry knowledge and experience.

Since 2002 we’ve been going the extra mile, and genuinely treat our clients'​ challenges and opportunities as if they were our own. All of our services are underpinned by carefully selecting the very best talent on the market, and placing them in roles and projects they love.

If you put your faith in Star, we will deliver for you.

Making an impact
We know that each business is unique, that's why we always work closely with our clients to deliver bespoke solutions that make a genuine commercial impact.

By combining this with our wealth of experience, market insight and data and analytics capabilities, we guarantee to provide you with the very best talent for your needs.

Outsourcing Services:
- Contract Sales & Market Access
- Vacancy Management
- Multi-Channel
- 'Activate'​ Product Fostering
- Business Intelligence
- Commercial Optimisation

Top talent sourced for you
We understand that the key to making a commercial impact with any project is having the right people by your side. That is why our team of experienced consultants work tirelessly to source the very best, candidates for each and every company we work with, no matter their size.

Resourcing Services:
- Pharmaceutical Sales & Market Access
- Marketing & Commercial Support
- Nursing & Healthcare
- Medical Devices & Technology
- Executive
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Syneos Health™ Marketing Services
Syneos Health is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. Our company, including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), is purpose-built to accelerate customer performance to address modern market realities. Created through the merger of two industry leading companies – INC Research and inVentiv Health – we bring together more than 21,000 clinical and commercial minds with the ability to support customers in more than 110 countries. Together we share insights, use the latest technologies and apply advanced business practices to speed our customers’ delivery of important therapies to patients. To learn more about how we are shortening the distance from lab to life™ visit
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talkhealth Partnership Ltd Patient Organisation
talkhealth is a digital healthcare and patient research company specialising in patient engagement and experience.

Clients are provided with the opportunity to gain unrivalled access to patients and caregivers in order to better understand their challenges, journey and behaviour. This is achieved by gathering insights and feedback from the talkhealth patient community, as well as through the patient forums, blogger community, online clinics, trials, surveys, longitudinal tracker programmes, patient support programmes and social media feeds.

talkhealth's clients directly benefit from the feedback loop on brand, positioning, usage and adherence, to better connect with their target patients in order to sustain or grow market share.

For more information please get in touch -
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The Difference Collective Freelancer
Powerful. Flexible. Successful. Collective.

The Difference is a unique collective that connects you with the best people and projects in health communications. You get exceptional results through an agile, virtual model with zero traditional agency overheads.

Short of in-house resources? Need to tick a project off your list fast? Lacking specialist skills? Want creative focus for a new communications initiative? Need to step up the pace of delivery to a deadline? Want help with writing or delivering a pitch? Big or small – we can help.

We’re here just when you need us, in a simple turn-on, turn-off arrangement. No retainer. No baggage. No pitch. Just experienced, senior people who know your industry and can deliver great value, a fast and focused response to your brief… and the excellent results you want. We deliver your projects with no fuss and no strings attached.
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The Health Hive Group Ltd Advertising
Healthcare Communications Agency
Hive is built on one founding principle – that the end user should be at the heart of healthcare

We activate this principle by:

Making the starting point for our strategic process the end user, not the healthcare provider. We understand them, their relationships with their disease, medication, and their relationship with the HCP.

Understanding and evolving our conversation with the HCP. We don’t consider them a gatekeeper to medicine but a facilitator of the brand. We seek to understand the impact their dialogue has with your end user, and change it to the benefit of the brand.

Never tying our idea generation to an advertisement. We force the idea to be big enough to work across all the channels available. Resist just integrating visually.

Being prepared to split the elements of this story and communicate them using all the channels you have available. Allow the idea to come together in the mind of your customer.

We are always keen on any healthcare challenge. Call us with your problem, send us an email, pick up the phone and pick our brains, borrow a perspective, come to the office and share the space. Come and beapart.
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Triducive Consultancy
Hello we’re Triducive.

We’re a healthcare strategy and value consultancy that provides expert and insight-driven solutions that strengthen and realise true brand value, for successful market access.

Our insight-driven approach differentiates our clients’ brands by creating value that matters to healthcare decision-makers, and ultimately improves patient care.

Find out more at
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Valériane Limited Marketing Services
Valeriane is a multi-lingual consultancy which provides bespoke marketing services to Senior Marketers and other Leaders, primarily in pharma/medical device companies.

Before working with Valeriane, they struggled with solving short-term internal capacity issues – increased workload due to launches, planned/unplanned vacancies.

With my dedicated marketing support programmes, my clients can be reassured they can rely on an experienced individual:

☑ Whom they can trust and who will deliver projects on brief, budget, deadlines and in a highly compliant way

☑ To match the needs of their situation for 6-12 months: temporary increased workload (e.g. launch) or recruitment/maternity cover, etc.

☑ Adaptable to their needs, leading projects through comprehensive support 3-4 days/week or supporting existing team with discrete assignments, 1-2 days/week

☑ Who gets ‘up-to-speed’ and ‘hits the ground running’ quickly

☑ Who works independently so does not use precious management time

Valeriane provide the following bespoke marketing services:

❑ Project management from brief to delivery, managing internal/external stakeholders, e.g. multidisciplinary team, affiliates, agencies; for ex.:

✥ New product/indication launch
✥ Campaign planning/management
✥ Overall planning/coordination of large meetings

❑ Quality interim services; ex. of outputs:

✥ Strategy development, strategic brand planning
✥ Core documents: e.g. core message documents, brand books, training modules, product monographs, leave pieces
✥ Project management of digital marketing: e.g. e-detailing, apps, mode of action/application films
✥ Market research support

Do you need an interim cover for planned absences or a temporary increase of your marketing resources for a launch or key project (e.g. congress)?

Are there any activities on your ops plan which would boost your sales but there is no time or capacity to implement them?

➯ E-mail
➯ Connect with me on LinkedIn:
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Veeva Business Services
Veeva Systems Inc. is a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, Veeva has more than 625 customers, ranging from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs. Veeva is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
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W2O Group Advertising
W2O Group is an integrated marketing agency with expertise in brand and digital strategy, creative development and communications services. We work with clients to craft their positioning, strategy, and messaging, as well as supporting connection with customers across multiple communication channels. Our goal is to give our clients an unfair advantage.Our teams have the right perspective to pivot to today's landscape and anticipate tomorrow's. We are experts in audience architecture, mind-blowing creative and agile multi-media campaigns. Our work is created with the end in mind so it makes executional impact which ripples from local market communities to global stages.
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Wilmington Healthcare Consultancy
Wilmington Healthcare is an unrivalled, single healthcare data, education and information resource with outstanding analytics capabilities.

We provide effective and actionable insights for our clients. These are the result of collaboration across the whole healthcare community. Our resources include a wide range of high-quality data assets, in-depth local UK knowledge, customised intelligence, industry standard setting learning platforms, webinars and live events.
Ultimately, we aim to help our clients attain a better understanding of their challenges and encourage them to exploit our knowledge to improve and optimise their business.

Wilmington Healthcare understands its clients' requirements, however complex they may be and regardless of whether they work with or in the healthcare world. Our team is skilled at tailoring to your requirements and supporting your journey every step of the way.

Wilmington Healthcare has a personable, client-centric approach, aiming to work hand-in-hand with you as your data and insight partner, not simply as a supplier. We will provide you with the intelligence you need to achieve the desired outcomes both for patients and your organisation. Your success is our success.
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Wordbird Advertising
We speak fluent doctor, nurse, midwife, dentist, pharmacist, patient and mum.

Wordbird is a healthcare communications agency with creative, compelling copy at its heart.

It’s all about words working with images, so that audiences ‘get it’, brands are built, sales strengthened and – most importantly – real people feel better.

The Wordbird philosophy is to produce compelling communications. We do this by putting ourselves in our audiences’ shoes – always.
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WRG Creative Communication Event management
WRG engages internal and external audiences through the creation and delivery of live experiences, exhibitions and healthcare communications.
A division of The Creative Engagement Group, it has more than 200 employees with offices in Europe and the US.
The agency has over 30 years’ experience working across categories including: Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Luxury, Retail, FMCG and Financial & Professional Services.
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