How doctors use health information in and after a consultation

In 2018, the PM Society’s Patient Engagement Interest Group surveyed doctors across both primary and secondary care on patient information. This factsheet series looks at how doctors use patient information in practice, what sources they use most, the perceived impact on patients and the barriers to patients accessing good quality information. Below, the first factsheet … Continued

Practical Steps to move beyond the talk

In January 2018, the PM Society hosted an event: Patient engagement – a real-world snapshot, beyond the talk, which will focus on some of the real-world examples of patient engagement in action. The aim of the event was to offer attendees practical ways to engage with patients and overcome some of the barriers related to … Continued

Patient Engagement 2017 Survey Results

The Patient engagement Interest Group ran a survey in 2017 entitled “Is patient engagement happening in pharma today?” View snapshot results PEIG 2017 Survey Snapshot results View full report PEIG 2017 Survey full report

Empowered patients improve outcomes

Non-adherence to medication is not a new global healthcare concern but with more people living with long-term conditions the problem is increasing. A difficult problem to solve, this multifaceted phenomenon can have a variety of negative effects for society and for the individuals involved. So why is non-adherence happening, what makes a person not take … Continued

What patients want – 2018 survey results

In 2018, the PM Society Patient Engagement Interest Group created a survey designed to assess the health information needs of patients, caregivers, relatives and friends. Click to view full report What Patients Want – 2018 survey results

A real world snapshot beyond the talk

Event report An audience of agencies, charities, patients, pharma companies and others passionate about elevating the importance and value of patient engagement within healthcare gathered at The Royal Society of Medicine for the first PM Society Patient Engagement Event on 25th January 2018. Opening the event, Caroline Benson, Co-chair of the PM Society Patient Engagement Interest … Continued

Patient collaboration uncut! Full event report

The British Academy in London hosted the 2019 PM Society Patient Engagement event, where an audience of over 70 representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare communications agencies and patients convened to hear the latest thinking on patient collaborations between pharma, agencies, patient advocates and charities. View the full meeting report – Patient collaboration uncut meeting … Continued

What does an informed patient mean for healthcare?

On 27th November 2018, the second Patient Engagement Interest Group Meeting of the year was held at The Royal Society of Medicine, London. It showcased a series of talks covering the important topic of ‘What does an informed patient mean for healthcare?” Following a warm welcome, Caroline Benson, Chair of the PM Society Patient Engagement … Continued