Webinar: Industry engagement post COVID-19 – event report

Pharma engagement with HCPs and patients during and after the COVID-19 crisis  Wednesday 3rd June Industry and agency experts attended the PM Society’s webinar on the 3rd June to discuss how Industry engagement will be redefined and shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar was introduced by Carwyn Jones, PM Society Director and Chief Commercial … Continued

Think twice before you call a pitch

Every client/agency relationship has its ups and downs.  There’ll inevitably be points of frustration along the way, where you might be tempted to call a pitch and review. Before you make that decision, it’s worth pausing and reflecting on the implications of pitching and the alternative options. One question worth asking is…are you sure your … Continued

The cost of pitching and the size of the prize

Recent research conducted by the PM Society revealed that 61% of agencies spend over £15,000 in internal agency time for a £200,000 pitch, and 41% spend over £25,000 per pitch. In addition, while most agencies spend less than £5,000 in out of pocket expenses for a pitch, 28% spend between £5,000 and £25,000 (conducting research, … Continued

Running a Successful Pitch

10 Top Tips Consider whether you need a pitch at all: Pitching is expensive for everyone. Could one of your incumbent agencies develop this new project? Consider all pitching models: A full competitive pitch is the most expensive of all. Try a ‘pitch in a day’ or a strategic workshop so that you can see … Continued

How long do agencies need to develop their best pitch?

In the recent survey on pitch practice conducted by the PM Society, agencies and clients commissioning work in healthcare communications were asked what the most common timeframe was for a £200K competitive pitch. 73% of agencies say they are typically given 2-3 weeks. This is backed up by the clients taking part in the survey. Interestingly … Continued

What’s the secret behind a strong Client/Agency partnership?

What’s the magic formula that makes some clients and agencies click, while others collide rather unsuccessfully and before you know it, they’re both looking for new partners? Dive into the submissions for the Pharma Digital Partner Award, in last year’s PM Society Digital Awards, and you’ll find plenty of clues. Agencies nominating someone for this … Continued