Driving Standards in Digital Marketing

The PM Society has been driving standards in digital marketing in its broadest sense for several years now, with its annual Digital Awards. The PM Society’s Digital Interest Group aims to go even further in exploring and promoting an understanding of what digital strategies and tactics marketers in the life sciences sector can employ effectively, to support their brand and business.

Technology is constantly evolving and the more traditional digital elements such as e-detailing, animation and DVD are sometimes overlooked in the excitement about the latest trends in social media or apps. The Digital Interest Group is committed to highlighting excellence in all the relevant areas and to helping PM Society members to improve digital competency and share best practice across the industry as interest and uptake increases.

A key long-term aim of the Digital Interest Group is to create ‘Digital Ambassadors’ within as many healthcare companies as possible. As such, the Group is open to anyone with an interest.

Please email Helen or call 01403 264898 if you are interested in finding out more or to join the group.

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