Welcome to the 2019 PM Society Digital Awards.

2019 marks our 10th year celebrating the PM Society’s Digital Awards where we recognise the best in digital effectiveness, creativity and innovation from across the healthcare industry. We highlight the best programmes, tools and campaigns across a broad range of digital activities in medical communications, HCP education, pharma marketing, patient support and internal and corporate communications.

Our categories remain relevant and aligned to the industry;

  • We have 8 EFFECTIVENESS categories where the focus is on how projects and campaigns met objectives and delivered results – these categories cover promotion, education, work for charities, patient programmes, meetings, integrated channels, corporate and internal communications.
  • In addition there are 4 CRAFT awards – judged NOT on effectiveness, but on their quality, impact and creativity – film, animation and two innovation categories.
  • We have 2 AGENCY awards – one for best Digital Account or Project Manager and the other for best Agency Digital Team.
  • Finally, we have a PHARMA AWARD – Best Pharma Digital Partner – so please get nominating your best pharma digital clients and colleagues.

The awards event regularly attracts upward of 500 people from the pharmaceutical industry and supporting agencies, which makes it a superb networking opportunity. The evening offers you the chance to make a big impression on the people that count; current and potential clients, all of whom are interested in digital communications in the healthcare sector.

This year we will be organising an even more glittering event to celebrate 10 years of running the Digital Awards which takes place on Thursday 19th September at The Brewery, London. Tickets for the glittering awards ceremony are on sale now at our special early bird rate of £3,000 per table.*

Please look at our Sponsorship Pack to find out how you can raise your company’s profile at the number No.1 digital healthcare awards event in the UK. For more details on sponsorship opportunities contact Alex Hankinson. Alexandra@pmsociety.org.uk

All that remains for me to say is download our entry kit for guidance and start working on your entries and don’t forget to get them to us by Tuesday 9 April**. Finalists will be contacted at the beginning of June and the second round judging day will be on the Thursday 20 June.

Should you need help with your entry or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Awards Manager Lorna Milner. Lorna@pmsociety.org.uk.

*The early bird ticket rate expires on Monday 24 June.

**A seven day extension is available for an additional charge. People nominations can be accepted up to midnight on Tuesday 7 June 2019.

Rachel Farrow

Rachel Farrow
Director, PM Society & Digital Awards Lead

Rachel Farrow - PM Society Digital Awards Lead

Rachel Farrow

PM Society Digital Awards Lead

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