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Gold: IFOS Hologram

By: DDB Remedy
For: Allergan

ENT surgeons are eager to embrace new innovations to develop new skills – without devaluing traditional skills. They don’t understand patients‘ unmet needs when it comes to prominent ears, for them otoplasty is not perceived as a barrier to seek treatment. Our objective was to convince surgeons that Earfold® is a viable non-invasive alternative to otoplasty and sign them up for training. To succeed, we had to introduce Earfold to ENT surgeons, explaining what it is and how it works in a memorable and engaging way.


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Silver: COPAXONE: World At Their Feet

By: VCCP Health
For: Teva Pharmaceutical

The stand allowed HCPs to immerse themselves in world of the COPAXONE campaign. Within each area of the stand, all of the furniture and activities were sympathetic to that scene, including a rowing boat installation and a realistic campfire.

An augmented reality area on the stand literally put individual campaign scenes into doctors’ hands, taking them on an interactive data journey.

 Also available on the stand was an interactive bike journey through a campaign landscape. This helped neurologists really consider the effects of their treatment choice on patient priorities and aspirations, tying back into the campaign strategy and brand benefits.

Bronze: The Think Toddler Sized Challenge

By: Say Communications
For: The Infant and Toddler Forum (supported by an educational grant from Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition)

The Infant & Toddler Forum data showed that 79% of parents routinely offer young children bigger portions than recommended. They developed an interactive, online Portion Size Table with pictures of 100s meals in recommended portion ranges and launched #rethinktoddlerportionsizes to raise awareness of overfeeding among UK parents and shift behaviour. The campaign achieved 169,000 visits to the tool in the first month and generated over 5,000 returning users every month in the following months. The tool appeared in 508 pieces of mainstream, blogger and parenting forums coverage and reached 4.2M parents on Facebook, generating 186,315 comments and reactions.

By: 90TEN Ltd
For: Gilead

HIV and its treatment can speed up the ageing process. Future health isn’t a concern for this population however, and so Flight HIV101 aimed to empower gay men living with HIV to make the right choices today for a healthy future. The campaign inspired men to be the pilot of their own ‘long-haul flight’ by speaking to their doctor. At its centre, a comedy short featuring a HIV-positive drag queen and a cast of HIV positive gay men. A reach of 29m with 17,500 social media interactions lead to 18% of the target population showing intent to improve long-term health.

By: earthware
For: Copadi

The EFPIA/ABPI codes mandate that pharmaceutical companies disclose transfers of value (TOV) to HCPs on a named basis. Our research shows that this has further added to the administrative burden for pharmaceutical companies that engage HCPs. Paper contracts and manual processing of payments are still the norm and companies find tracking HCP disclosure consent difficult. In addition, payments are often late due to incorrect paperwork or procedural inefficiencies which can leave HCPs frustrated. Our solution ‘PAYCE’ transforms HCP collaboration, making the process of HCP contracting, payment and disclosure easier, quicker and more efficient for both parties.

By: Pegasus
For: Network Rail / Samaritans / British Transport Police

Pegasus created a suicide prevention campaign, for Samaritans working with Network Rail, British Transport Police and the wider rail industry - #SmallTalkSavesLives.


This authentic campaign tells a real story, and every aspect has been shaped by experts, people with experience of suicidal thoughts and those bereaved by suicide.


In a survey of 5,000 train passengers, nearly half of those who saw the campaign claimed it had increased their intent to act if they were to notice someone in distress. 66% of those who saw the campaign claimed they would feel confident about what to say to a person in distress.

By: The EarthWorks
For: Sanofi Genzyme

Cerdelga® Life is a patient initiative for adults with Gaucher disease Type1, affecting approximately 210 patients in the UK. At Sanofi-Genzyme, we believe patients with rare diseases should benefit for the same high level, tailored support offered to patients in other disease areas. Cerdelga Life® is a web-based tool that enables nurses to quickly assess engagement levels through the use of the widely recognised tool, the Patient Activation Measure®, and then develop bespoke material based on their individual needs. The materials have been co-created with the Gaucher’s Association and nurses, with the language being adapted to suit each engagement level.

By: Virgo Health
For: Bayer

One in three women in the UK experience debilitating heavy menstrual bleeding, yet it remains a taboo and something that women are often told to put up with, even though medical treatments exist. It was time to open up the conversation. Virgo Health presented a “social media pharma first” with the creation of Flo., a magazine-style publisher on Facebook, featuring brave video content which tackles the issues head-on using a finely-tuned blend of humour and empathy. Engagement levels continue to be exceptional and the campaign is a great example of how pharma regulation need not be a barrier to creativity.

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