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Gold: Are You Chris?

By: DDB Remedy
For: Gilead

500,000 people die annually from Hep C related diseases and 75% of people living with Hep C don't know they have it. Many are unaware of associated risk factors and therefore of the possibility of having contracted the disease. Our objective was to normalise Hep C, highlighting how easy it is for anyone to contract. We needed to encourage the audience to get tested, and reassure them that HEP C is now curable. We chose a provocative film dramatising risk factors - such as unsterile razors and unprotected sex - avoiding stigma by using everyday situations and reassuring the viewer that it's now curable.


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Silver: This is Axiom

By: Bedrock Healthcare Communications
For: Celgene

This industry often faces challenges regarding the cost of medicines and the value of medical innovation. Our client’s strategy was to inspire, incite debate and encourage the audience to question their preconceptions.


A dramatic and thrilling fictional film, This is Axiom, was produced to analogously demonstrate the value of the pharmaceutical industry as a vital and integral part of the healthcare team.


The use of space has not previously been seen in an industry-produced film. This innovative approach allowed us to explore potentially difficult topics in a way that did not patronize or alienate the vital healthcare workers portrayed.

Bronze: Give Nothing To Psoriasis

By: VCCP Health
For: LEO Pharma

Psoriasis sufferers actively give away important parts of their life due to unfriendly, ineffective treatments. We needed to capture their attention and compel them to go back to their doctor to demand better treatment.


So we asked three real people with psoriasis to set up stalls at a Stoke Newington car boot sale. But rather than selling the items on their stalls to the general public... they were giving them away.


Each of the items became an opportunity to tell the story of a part of their life that they had given away to psoriasis.

Bronze: Small Talk Saves Lives

By: Pegasus
For: Network Rail / Samaritans / British Transport Police

Pegasus created a suicide prevention campaign, for Samaritans working with Network Rail, British Transport Police and the wider rail industry - #SmallTalkSavesLives.


This authentic campaign tells a real story, and every aspect has been shaped by experts, people with experience of suicidal thoughts and those bereaved by suicide.


In a survey of 5,000 train passengers, nearly half of those who saw the campaign claimed it had increased their intent to act if they were to notice someone in distress. 66% of those who saw the campaign claimed they would feel confident about what to say to a person in distress.

By: FleishmanHillard Fishburn
For: Bayer AG

Stroke can have a devastating impact on survivors, impacting speech, sight, sense and smell. It also significantly affects the families and friends of a stroke survivor, who often take on the role of care partners with no prior warning or experience. They take on this new and important role to care for someone close to them and support their path to recovery. For the relaunch of Sign Against Stroke, Bayer and FleishmanHillard Fishburn created a comprehensive, global online resource for those impacted by stroke. We wanted to use a powerful story to drive traffic to the site, while raising awareness of how stroke can affect both stroke survivors, and their caregivers – physically, psychologically and mentally.

By: Publicis Health France
For: Eurordis

The main objective of the “Go Rare” campaign was to raise awareness about rare disease. A rare disease by itself does not affect the multitudes of people who are affected by diseases like cancer or heart disease. There are, however, over 6,000 rare diseases that affect millions of people. Our idea was to create a movement encouraging rare disease patients, family members, doctors, researchers, caregivers and anyone associated to show their support by painting their faces and joining our team to fight rare disease. We used real patients, doctors, family members and researchers to make it both relative and timely.

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