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Gold: The Bayer IMCM Lighthouse Project

By: Oi Ltd
For: Bayer

The Bayer Lighthouse Project was developed to help UK healthcare professionals identify and treat patients with hypogonadism, a condition that is under-diagnosed and under-treated by clinicians.


The core foundation of the campaign was built upon a traditional educational program and an integrated multichannel campaign was developed to provide an intelligent matrix of supporting content to help clinicians effectively identify and manage untreated hypogonadal patients within their practice


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By: Four Health Media
For: Johnson & Johnson

In 2016, Johnson & Johnson needed to find new ways to promote their Listerine brand to audiences at scale, without the use of personnel. So they commissioned Four Health Media to find a solution. Through extensive research and media landscaping, the Four Health Media team proposed an online self-directed eDetail to provide information to dental professionals. The delivered campaign exceeded KPIs and objectives, and results already show a shift in attitude towards a preventive approach to treating plaque and oral health. The solution was fundamental in maintaining a strong presence in the market and pivotal learning for Johnson & Johnson’s go-to-market model.

By: RFA Advertising & Marketing
For: GlaxoSmithKline

GSK’s campaign positions Duodart as preferred first-line treatment for BPH patients at risk of progression. The campaign had to be patient-centric, multi-ethnic, aligned with GSK’s Patient-Focused Scientific Selling model (PFSS) and launched within three months. Content was developed with international marketing/medical teams and validated by market research. The interactive e-details (GP/urologist) adapted message flow according to HCP treatment priorities, and allowed HCPs to compare their Duodart prescribing criteria against national and regional guidelines, establishing the patient profile without antagonising the customer. Other components included a launch video and interactive brand book, comprehensive localisation documentation, and a detailed user guide.

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