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We are a healthcare communications agency where people matter. At Cuttsy and Cuttsy we combine our team’s expertise with a thorough understanding of pharma compliance and regulations to meet our client’s needs. We never lose sight of the fact that people are central to everything we do. It’s why we pride ourselves on developing close and mutually respectful relationships with our clients. It’s why we constantly keep in mind what the patient or end-user really needs to know. And it’s why we have an award-winning culture of professional development to attract the very best people.

Gold: PRIME – Making HIV History

By: 90TEN
For: 56 Dean Street

Aiming to reduce the spread of HIV by supporting men who are at high (>10%) risk of becoming HIV+ within a year, PRIME was an innovative digital lifestyle intervention. The core programme was delivered by mobile because the target audience showed high engagement with this medium for sexual purposes, and comprised five digital support programmes based on prevention approaches that addressed different sexual lifestyles. Live workshops and services exclusive to PRIME users complemented the core programme.  PRIME was highly effective: users saw a 94% fall in HIV infection risk and a >50% reduction in other sexually transmitted diseases.


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Silver: Fight IPF

By: HealthCircle Advertising
For: Roche

IPF is a rare, incurable disease of the lungs. Reliable information is hard to find on-line and over 50% of patients are currently untreated. We created FIGHT IPF, an international, multichannel campaign showing patients how to fight back against IPF. We launched websites simultaneously in 6 markets featuring strategically and creatively aligned local language content and supported this with extensive media outreach across social, digital and traditional channels. In the first 6 months we achieved >200,000 unique visitors, >300,000 on-site video views, 7.21million twitter impressions and a 5% increase in proactive treatment discussions between patients and doctors across Europe and Canada

Silver: MyAsthma

By: The EarthWorks
For: GSK

The MyAsthma app is designed to help people with asthma (or those caring for someone with asthma) understand their asthma by providing contextual environmental and lifestyle information, together with data indicating the status of their asthma. By understanding potential asthma triggers such as pollen, dust, or animal hair and combining this with information on your surroundings that may be relevant, users can have a better understanding of how to manage asthma.


 An industry first, The MyAsthma app is the first from pharma that has been approved as a Class 1 medical device and CE marked. It has been developed with healthcare professionals at the Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit and the University of Nottingham to ensure quality and accuracy in the information it provides.

By: earthware
For: Roche Products Limted and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd

Patient research conducted by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) demonstrated that:

•         27% don’t feel their RA is controlled

•         Only 5% believed they were in remission (DAS 28 score less than 2.6)

•         A third delay seeing their healthcare professional and tolerate worsening symptoms


The Know Your DAS app empowers patients to proactively measure their DAS28 score and track their symptoms so they can help their doctor make better informed treatment decisions. In addition, they can setup medicine reminders to help with compliance.


The app has been downloaded over 2,700 times, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of 5.

By: Four Health Communications
For: Novo Nordisk UK

The Below the Surface film campaign by Novo Nordisk aims to raise awareness of the varying presentation and debilitating impact of low blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia, in order to educate people with diabetes, the general public and healthcare professionals about the importance of controlling blood-sugar levels to reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia. Each film is brought to life with a mixture of uniquely impactful and striking graphics and 3D audio effects to emphasise what hypoglycaemia might look, sound and feel like.

By: Ogilvy Healthworld UK
For: British Society of Periodontology

The campaign united a print idea (mouth cards) with spoof beauty commercials showing models with gum disease. Humour was the driving force behind the campaign in particular, people loved taking selfies wearing the mouth cards before sharing them on social platforms.

The campaign more than met its objective of raising awareness of gum disease with organic reach across Facebook and Twitter achieving 4.3 million, a 330% increase versus the target.

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