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Gold: Noxafil Budget Impact Model

By: RFA Advertising & Marketing
For: Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited

MSD wanted to create a bespoke Budget Impact Model to increase awareness of the benefits of antifungal prophylaxis in hospital patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy patients, and demonstrate that Noxafil’s improved outcomes vs competitors justify its higher initial treatment costs. The campaign was co-created with a key opinion leader in haematology and validated by three key customers: payer, haematologist and specialist pharmacist. The Veeva-based iPad solution allows comprehensive adjustment to local practice, ensuring that discussions are always relevant, and the latest version includes real-world data on infection rates. Discussion outputs are emailed to the customer as an interactive PDF.


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By: LEO Pharma & Harvey Walsh

At present Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT) has limited data available, so it can be difficult to quantify what impact this has on healthcare resource utilisation. The CAT HES Dashboard  was developed by Harvey Walsh for LEO Pharma UK with the objective of providing a better understanding of CAT to the NHS at a local level in order to improve service provision and patient outcomes.

By: UCB Pharma Ltd

UCB have co-created an online Parkinson's patient survey, incorporating a digital version of the validated PDQ-39 Patient rated outcomes survey. The online Parkinson's survey offers features and benefits designed to improve dialogue and insight between patients, carers and HCPs. The tool collects practical, reliable and valid information about functional health and well-being from patients with the intention that as a result of this data collection the general care patients receive will be improved. UCB's objective is to support greater awareness of the burden of Parkinson's by the appropriate sharing of aggregated data which has already been published as a poster.

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