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Gold: Escape Room

By: Sudler Milan

To inspire and motivate reps, we designed this Escape Room experience focused on the life of a fictional doctor. We created his back story and then revealed that he had gone missing, leaving only obscure clues in his abandoned hotel room. Groups of reps were challenged to solve a series of digital puzzles and piece together the clues, before finally triggering an iPad video message from the doctor in which he gave them the code they needed to escape. The experience helped reps re-familiarise themselves with the product benefits in a surprising and highly engaging way.


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Silver: Dining Experience 'Tiny Chef' Velphoro

By: Swordfish Advertising
For: Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma (VFMCRP)

Hyperphosphataemia is a silent killer in patients with chronic kidney disease. Diet management is a key factor in controlling this condition, yet Nephrologists rarely discuss diet with patients.


The VELPHORO® dining experience was an immersive exhibition booth experience which merged the virtual world with the real one. A mock high-end restaurant environment, with live waiter, was created to raise awareness of the importance of diet management. Delegates were challenged to order a meal with the lowest phosphorous content.


The ‘winning’ meal was then ‘cooked’ on the table by an animated miniature chef, using the specialist technique of 3D projection mapping.

Silver: MyAsthma

By: The EarthWorks
For: GSK

The MyAsthma app is designed to help people with asthma (or those caring for someone with asthma) understand their asthma by providing contextual environmental and lifestyle information, together with data indicating the status of their asthma. By understanding potential asthma triggers such as pollen, dust, or animal hair and combining this with information on your surroundings that may be relevant, users can have a better understanding of how to manage asthma.


 An industry first, The MyAsthma app is the first from pharma that has been approved as a Class 1 medical device and CE marked. It has been developed with healthcare professionals at the Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit and the University of Nottingham to ensure quality and accuracy in the information it provides.

By: Aurora
For: Takeda

Myvyo is a patient experience programme (PEP) that is truly different from other PEPs as it offers emotional and wellness support through evidence-based coaching to people receiving Entyvio. The brief was come up with an unforgettable way to launch myvyo and train Takeda key account managers (KAMs) on the PEP. We used virtual reality (VR) to bring it to life, and in just three weeks, launched three modules to the Takeda team and showed them the impact inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has on people’s lives.


By: Health iQ Ltd.
For: Sanofi Genzyme

We used disease registry data and KOL validation of multi-systemic symptoms, to analyse real world data in line with Information Governance rules to provide MPS I prevalence at a regional level. A separate analysis informed a remote e-detailing campaign to community and specialist paediatricians with downloadable content and direction to a microsite. This approach, using several agencies across multiple disciplines was successful in finding 3 times the average number of patients in a year, with this difficult to diagnose, ultra-rare life limiting condition.

By: McCann Torre Lazur London
For: GSK

By overcoming perceptions of traditional sales aids as conduits for graphs and instead visualizing data in a way that links directly to patient benefit we created an interactive story told through Mark, a fictional patient’s ‘live’ social media posts. This sales aid lives in a familiar space so that we are able to introduce Mark to physicians and successfully convert what was previously a non-receptive audience. Within the setting, it broke through a very crowded market and presented something completely unique but with a reason.

By: Publicis Resolute
For: Beating Bowel Cancer

Beating Bowel Cancer wanted to raise awareness of the benefits of limiting meat intake and asked us to support them on a meat-free sponsorship initiative. We know that people are feeling the effects of ‘sponsorship fatigue’ so we turned the fundraising mechanism on its head. Introducing #TheVegPledge – a month long campaign encouraging individuals to take our online test, calculate how much money they could save by giving up meat for seven days and donate this money directly to charity.

By: The EarthWorks
For: GSK

The MyPAH app is for people living with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. It has been designed to help take control of PAH not only in everyday life, but also by supporting consultations with real life data.


MyPAH is a fully integrated support service for PAH patients and HCPs.  At its heart MyPAH is an application for use by all patients with PAH.

MyPAH was developed in partnership with the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA), Manchester University and the Royal Brompton. This team worked to understand the issues patients face, the needs of HCPs and to create a tool that would enhance patient care and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Some of the material on these pages may be intended for viewing only by UK healthcare professionals.

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