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Gold: Virtual reality simulation training experience

By: The Health Hive Group Ltd
For: Pacira

Exparel is an anaesthetic which is administered during surgery and aims to provide long-lasting pain relief after surgery, thus reducing the quantities of opioid medications needed. Whilst Exparel is fast becoming a cornerstone of opioid reducing strategies, it requires a unique and complicated injection technique. And without appropriate training, the surgeons administering it are unlikely to see the results they expect.


This Virtual Reality Simulation Training experience was developed to help surgeons understand and practice the required injection technique, and build their confidence in using it in real patients and procedures.


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Silver: Seqirus Pharmacy Training Platform

By: Radical Departures Ltd
For: Seqirus Vaccines Limited

The Seqirus online flu platform is a UX-driven bespoke LMS, which educated and provided validated flu vaccine PGDs to ~1,800 pharmacists. This equates to tens of thousands of flu vaccinations given to the public in one flu season.


User insights were pooled to develop a friendly, clean and easy-to-use UI with engaging online learning, video, animation and live event training. Rather than using an off-the-shelf LMS, we used our in-house developed API, ensuring every piece of functionality was fine-tuned to user needs. It handles complex algorithms, connects with external APIs and delivers appropriate content to learners according to data captured.


The platform was rated by learners as 4.33/5, with feedback on ‘ease-of-use’ scoring an incredible 4.41/5.

Silver: Severe Asthma Resource Centre

By: Doctors.net.uk
For: Novartis

Aligned with Novartis’s vision to improve outcomes for patients, the severe asthma resource centre was co-developed with a steering committee of asthma leads and GPs, and piloted in specific regions of the UK. The aim was to raise awareness, knowledge and demonstrate a significant, measurable impact on outcomes for patients. The resource centre includes a wealth of information and a wide range of interactive elements and practical tools designed to support GPs in their management of patients with severe asthma. 

By: Radical Departures Ltd
For: The College of Optometrists

Optometrists are dedicated to the care of their patients, but the importance of non-clinical areas such as audit, referral letters, dementia-friendly appointments, supervision and note-taking can be overlooked.


We devised a set of video- and animation-based resources for online learning and face-to face training events. The online ‘bite-sized’ courses use interviews, animations, and interactive HTML elements to demystify complex and historically intimidating processes. The events films used a combination of patient interviews and naturalistic drama, with pause-points and alternative endings facilitating the completion of exercises and peer discussion.


Online training was available to 10,500 optometrists, and more than 1200 attended face-to-face training, with feedback including “Brilliant! Very engaging and interactive. Best review I have ever been to” and “Excellent video, good discussion, very helpful”.

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