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@Healthcircle we’re proud that our digital ideas make a real difference in the real world. One of our recent pan-European digital campaigns increased patient requests for treatment by over 8% in 6 months. And when we target HCPs, we never lose sight of the fact they have the same triggers and expectations as any other digital consumer. Our talented team are committed to delivering optimal user experiences for all audiences. From websites to apps to eDetails, we add value to your brand with ideas that click.

Gold: Sandoz HACK – Healthcare Access Challenge

By: Sandoz International

Despite decades of medical advances, >2 billion people cannot access medicines and >400 million lack access to essential health services. To help tackle this, Sandoz launched the Healthcare Access Challenge (HACk) to find young people with small ideas with the potential to create a big impact on improving healthcare in local communities. Sandoz HACk gathered 150 ideas from 30 countries (exceeding our own target by 200%), resulting in 6 finalists from which 3 winning ideas were selected from Ghana, Philippines and the Maldives. Each were awarded €20K and support to help bring their healthcare access ideas to life.


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Bronze: 'Good times are back' Internal Launch

By: RFA Advertising & Marketing
For: GlaxoSmithKline

Materials were needed to drive adoption of GSK’s Duodart campaign across 40 markets, and past experience showed that clear brand guidance and usage instructions were needed. Pre-launch emails drove engagement, combining the launch video with an invitation to attend launch calls. The launch pack included an attractive and inspiring interactive brand book, a short animation highlighting key campaign features, and comprehensive documentation to support Patient-Focused Scientific Selling. Within 3 months of launch, 22 markets had adopted the urology iPad campaign and 8 markets the GP version. Messaging, ethnic sensitivity and navigation were all well received worldwide .

Bronze: Implementing customer centricity across Europe

By: Ruder Finn UK Ltd
For: Daiichi Sankyo Europe (DSE)

This change management programme has fundamentally changed the way that Daiichi Sankyo Europe engages with their customers.

The program was led by a comprehensive online training course (the “Multichannel Academy”) and supported by a series of internal communications, which together helped the company become a customer-centric organisation.

24 training materials were developed and rolled out to over 190 employees across Europe. These included a mixture of best practice, case studies, real-life scenarios, step-by-step process learning and multimedia content.

The programme was a success and the company is now much more integrated in their multichannel approach.

By: Fortis Pharma Consulting Ltd
For: Allergan

Our “Sales Call Excellence” training app allows sales reps to watch ideal sales calls, and then practice their own responses to customer objections. The app is synced to a web platform used by trainers to provide feedback, so that the reps can hone their responses using an iterative process of experiential learning. Finally, our digital platform transforms the sales team into a “social network”, through sharing of rep videos that exhibit best practice. This direct-to-rep training enabled our client to deliver global brand messages effectively and consistently in all markets, while keeping all team members engaged through an interactive approach.

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