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For the perfect launch At LEC, we’ve helped launch, relaunch, rebrand or refresh over 60 brands in the last 5 years at Global, Regional and Local levels. Because we believe no two launches are the same, we tailor our magic 4-step process to plan and execute each one, ensuring your brand reaches its maximum potential. So if you have something new to say, wherever your brand is in its lifecycle, we can help you launch with a bang: Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Group Managing Director: +44(0)7393758430,

Gold: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness Rebrand

By: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

The new SSW brand is a world first – the first brand identity that responds to feelings.


Designed to reflect the agency’s new positioning about the importance of empathy and emotion, the SSW team worked with EEG technology and a unique generative art process, to turn the emotions of their people into unique and highly personal works of art.


The resulting EmoScapesTM formed the agency’s new look, while its online ‘Empathy Engine’ - a live artistic algorithm - uses the power of IBM Watson to follow, through social media, the moments that are moving people all over the world.


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Silver: 12 days of Christmas

By: Big Pink

Our motto at Big Pink is to do one thing: Make Everything Better. So when we decided to Make Christmas Better for our clients with our Christmas 2016 self-promotion campaign, that’s exactly what we did. In a matter of weeks, we designed and built an interactive, engaging and cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) app from scratch that demonstrated our technical skills while showing just how creative and different we can be.

We explored and customised new technologies (Unity 3D); created quirky characters living out a unique storyline; rewrote the lyrics to a famous Christmas song; hand delivered 235 bespoke chocolate boxes to our clients and all in time for Christmas. The result? Our clients loved watching Nick attempt to woo back his girlfriend, Megan, in time for Christmas so much that twice as many engaged with our promo versus Christmas 2015!

By: FCB Halesway

To promote the spectacular diversity of our creative solutions, we wanted to show a team defined as much by their differences as their similarities. So, building from an idea born at the recent David Hockney portraiture exhibition (82 Portraits and 1 Still Life), we created a web gallery of photographic portraits, and a quirky short film, as a foundation for a successful social media campaign that brought everyone’s dreams, passions and loves vividly to life.

By: RFA Advertising & Marketing

Although many clients talk about multichannel, few go beyond CLM presentations. We challenged Veeva delegates on their multichannel performance in a fun and engaging way, highlighting RFA as a total solution provider, and making creative use of a limited display area. A video loop encouraged passing delegates to assess their current multichannel performance through a Victorian-style “multichannel fitness test”. This examined critical success factors through multiple choice questions, displaying initial results in the style of a fairground Test Your Strength machine, with named categories. The evaluation outputs then used interactivity and animation to initiate a meaningful discussion with the delegate.

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