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Gold: Sniffers
By: Langland
For: Randox Laboratories

A spoof documentary following the officers and dogs of the STI Detection Unit as they sniff out undetected STIs around the UK.


The film, which shows unsuspecting people outed in public by Radar, Jazz, Frisbee and their handlers, ends with an invitation to ‘check your privates in private’ with the Confidante home STI test from Randox Laboratories. The light-hearted strategy is designed to prompt 25-34 year olds to think about their sexual health and get tested.

Bronze: Blink Eye Care Experts
By: bmore creative
For: Abbott Medical Optics

bmore helped Abbott Medical Optics boost brand awareness of their blink eye care range. The campaign’s content was based on an eye workout, and was promoted primarily using Facebook.

Promoted content was scheduled to be displayed at times of the day when people are mostly likely to experience eye discomfort, and was highly targeted at key customer categories.

The campaign generated over 1.6 million impressions, reached over 750,000 people and racked up over 250,000 video views. This resulted in sales exceeding their target and strengthened partnerships with key retailers.

Bronze: Make Twitter #Cough
By: WE
For: Boehringer Ingelheim

Make Twitter #Cough, a global-first and launched on World COPD Day, made one of the world’s largest social platforms mimic COPD’s primary disease symptom and allow our audiences as easy way to overcome associated stigma.

Insight that people affected by COPD are active on Twitter runs counter to perceived wisdom that older people do not use social media. In fact Twitter was the primary platform for communications and the obvious medium for the message.

Through this campaign we turned the medium (Twitter) into the message. The distillation of idea and simple, creative connection to the disease resulted in beating target by over 150% on pre-campaign sign-ups to the Thunderclap page, over 50% of Bit.ly traffic to the British Lung Foundation on COPD Day originated from Make Twitter #Cough and unprecedented levels of engagement from public health and professional organisations, hospitals, NHS bodies, charities, parliamentarians, media and individuals affected by COPD.

By: talkhealth Partnership Ltd
For: Mölnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke Health Care Ltd’s 2015 objective was to increase sales for its skincare brand, Epaderm.  

talkhealth was engaged to leverage existing digital Epaderm content, positioned across the talkhealth website, across social media campaigns to reach new communities.  

Activities were designed to grow the @Epaderm Twitter following through engagement and driving traffic to Epaderm content.  

Market insights were collected and analysed throughout the campaign, alongside sales and prescription data and feedback from Mölnlycke, to ensure KPIs were achieved.


·         Epaderm became the fastest growing brand in OTC dry skin category

·         From 14th to 9th position

·         323% increase in online brand followers

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