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Gold: MS Explorer
By: Pegasus
For: Biogen

Biogen wanted a compelling congress stand experience for healthcare professionals to better understand the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis and the mode of action of one of its treatments, but keep the patient right at the heart of this information. Could detailed scientific content be delivered while the most important element, the patient, remains centre stage? In what is believed a world first, the educational content was projected on and around a real person, live on stand, using HD projection-mapping technology. A real person participating in the content acts as a vivid reminder that we treat people, not diseases.

Silver: Virtual Valve
By: emotive
For: Edwards Lifesciences

Virtual Valve is a novel, 360-degree, virtual reality educational experience developed by emotive for Edwards Lifesciences. Virtual Valve was created with integrated advanced gaming and animation software, using the principles of gamification. Virtual Valve was specifically designed to educate interventional cardiologists on the suitability of TAVI in a wider patient population. By combining the latest technology and expert knowledge, a fully immersive, multisensory experience was delivered that allowed detailed exploration of aortic stenosis in patients’ beating hearts.

Silver: ‘Glaucoma in perspective’
By: Wordbird and City University
For: Allergan

Glaucoma is not easy to explain and ophthalmologists’ time is limited. Patient information describing this ‘invisible’ condition is often scary, complex or inaccurate. Patients are more likely to adhere to medication if they understand the disease and rationale for treatment.


So we created an app to help explain glaucoma to patients in a simple, understandable way. The app contains an interactive demonstrator that uses an advanced code-base, developed by City University’s Crabb Lab. It lets patients ‘see’ how glaucoma subtly affects vision in a way that usually isn’t noticeable – until it’s too late.

By: Halesway Ltd
For: Hospira

Stringent licensing requirements insist biosimilars demonstrate comparable quality to reference biologics. And prescribers need that reassurance too.

At ESMO 2015 Hospira, a Pfizer company, wanted to raise awareness of their state-of-the-art Zagreb manufacturing facility, which is committed to exceptional quality.

Oculus Rift was used to recreate the facility in virtual reality. Delegates navigated from room to room, exploring at their leisure. Explanatory videos could be viewed by focusing on hotspots.

They were then photographed against a ‘green screen’, and received a composite photograph attached to a corporate brochure, reinforcing the quality message through a fun, informative item to take away.

By: Langland
For: Randox Laboratories

A spoof documentary following the officers and dogs of the STI Detection Unit as they sniff out undetected STIs around the UK.


The film, which shows unsuspecting people outed in public by Radar, Jazz, Frisbee and their handlers, ends with an invitation to ‘check your privates in private’ with the Confidante home STI test from Randox Laboratories. The light-hearted strategy is designed to prompt 25-34 year olds to think about their sexual health and get tested.

By: McCann Manchester
For: Shire Pharmaceuticals Limited

It’s estimated that ADHD affects between 2-5% of school-age children. Yet for those affected, there was little support to help learn about ADHD, how it affects you, and how best to manage the challenges it can present.

‘The Trouble with Dragons’ started life as a traditional print storybook. Through the familiar medium of story, it provided support in a format that’s identifiable to a child, their world and way of thinking. Olly (who has ADHD) and Red the dragon’s (who is Olly’s ADHD) tale was adapted as an interactive app, alongside the addition of new content and interactions.

Some of the material on these pages may be intended for viewing only by UK healthcare professionals.

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