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A full service market research consultancy specialising in the healthcare sector, we have been analysing physician and patient behaviour, globally and locally for over 15 years, to help our clients grow their business. Using agile research approaches, we determine how physicians and patients are engaging with educational programmes to help you decide where and how to channel your resources to fully exploit brand potential. To optimise the impact of your educational programmes, get in touch! We are here to help.

Gold: Virtual Valve
By: emotive
For: Edwards Lifesciences

Virtual Valve is a novel, 360-degree, virtual reality educational experience developed by emotive for Edwards Lifesciences. Virtual Valve was created with integrated advanced gaming and animation software, using the principles of gamification. Virtual Valve was specifically designed to educate interventional cardiologists on the suitability of TAVI in a wider patient population. By combining the latest technology and expert knowledge, a fully immersive, multisensory experience was delivered that allowed detailed exploration of aortic stenosis in patients’ beating hearts.

Silver: TIGGER Data Visualisation
By: PharmiWeb Solutions
For: ViiV Healthcare

It shows the data in an attractive and intuitive way, making the process of learning about the risks and benefits of a drug a natural and enjoyable experience.

TIGGER was built iteratively, with contributions from ViiV Healthcare, PharmiWeb Solutions and Infogr8, who took the initial concepts from ViiV, analysed the data and turned them into designs that were a work of art. The highly interactive data makes HCPs want to play and learn more.

Bronze: Fluenz Tetra UK HCP Hub Website
By: nitrogen a Huntsworth Health company
For: AstraZeneca

An engaging, educational and interactive hub for HCPs to access all things Fluenz Tetra (nasal spray, suspension influenza vaccine [live attenuated]), a nasal spray flu vaccine for children aged 2 to <18 years old, in order to roll-out the national flu vaccination programme in GP surgeries and schools.


Practices and School Immunisation Co-ordinators can access support for their vaccination teams and days: RCN-accredited e-learning module, flu awareness materials to order/download, communications advice, FAQs, and in-surgery training session visits.


The site engaged reps and HCPs, driving increased visits to site and ultimately changing HCP and patient behaviours.


Prescribing Information

By: Radical Departures Ltd

A film-based learning program for UK optometrists on understanding the impact of vision loss in everyday life for older people.


Two elderly participants were filmed in a ‘day-in-the-life’ style documentary on location to provide a unique level of understanding about the normal daily challenges of dealing with vision loss and old age.


These real lives were interspersed with a series of expert interviews, providing evidence and data on the age-related vision issues and potential solutions. A series of interactive exercises were also designed. The program was awarded 3 CET points.


92.8% of optometrists rated the program as 4 or 5 (1 = poor, 5 = excellent). 95.6% of optometrists said that they felt that the learning objectives were fully met.

By: Real Science
For: Merck Serono

Each year, thousands of articles on metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) are added to PubMed. The sheer volume makes it difficult for oncologists to evaluate their impact on treatment decisions. Our solution to this unmet need was the mCRC Clinical Data Tool, a user-friendly, clinically credible and highly innovative educational resource. The tool enables oncologists to quickly and easily search and view the data from Phase II/III randomised-controlled mCRC clinical trials. The prototype was debuted to over 2000 HCPs at the ESMO Congress 2014, and the tool will be rolled out, converted from an offline global resource into localised online microsites.

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