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We are often asked “why Rare Breed? Do you own a farm?” We don’t (sorry!), but we are different, because of our heritage. On one side our lineage is video production. We believe this remains the most engaging content, so we keep it at the heart of our company. However, content without the right context is nothing, and we also have years of experience in healthcare consultancy. Having created and executed brand strategies ourselves, we are specialists in planning, implementation and training. So, why Rare Breed? Because our unique heritage brings together the experience to help you reach better solutions.

Gold: Sniffers
By: Langland
For: Randox Laboratories

A spoof documentary following the officers and dogs of the STI Detection Unit as they sniff out undetected STIs around the UK.


The film, which shows unsuspecting people outed in public by Radar, Jazz, Frisbee and their handlers, ends with an invitation to ‘check your privates in private’ with the Confidante home STI test from Randox Laboratories. The light-hearted strategy is designed to prompt 25-34 year olds to think about their sexual health and get tested.

Silver: 'Beatbox Cough'
By: Pegasus
For: Boehringer Ingelheim & Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
'Beatbox Cough' was a bold project by Boehringer Ingelheim and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of a persistent cough as a possible symptom of lung cancer and to encourage people to see their doctor if they have a cough that doesn’t go away. Targeting unsuspecting commuters on the London Underground, the stunt saw World Champion beat-boxers highlight that sometimes a cough is not just a cough. The attention-grabbing flash-mob was captured on video and shared across multiple platforms, accumulating over 100,000 views and resulting in high profile media coverage. Follow up research confirmed the project helped drive action as well as awareness.

Silver: Our IVF journey
By: Saatchi & Saatchi Health
For: Merck

Merck - market leaders in fertility treatment – offer an efficacious drug portfolio that supports every stage of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) journey. However, insight showed that patients regularly report a lack of compassion during clinic visits, finding the experience to be ‘like a conveyor belt’. Merck asked us to develop a short film that would raise awareness amongst HCPs of the real human experience of undergoing ART. Ultimately, aiming to improve the emotional support provided to patients, and positioning Merck as truly understanding of patients’ needs. Our film was translated and distributed to fertility specialists online and at congresses.

Bronze: The Nightmare Boss
By: Saatchi & Saatchi Health
For: Novo Nordisk

In their efforts to keep diabetes under control, some doctors underestimate the inconvenience of complex insulin regimens and their impact on compliance.


This lighthearted video draws attention to how convoluted certain regimens are – and observes that our lives are complicated enough as it is. Set in an office, it features a diabetic patient trying to cope with outlandishly complex instructions from his boss – before revealing his equally complex diabetes regimen.


The film is used at the start of medical meetings to provoke a discussion about complex vs. simple insulin regiments, positioning the client’s regimen as part of the solution.

By: Cherry
For: Sanofi Pasteur MSD UK

SPMSD’s Vaccination Live regional study days provide Practice Nurses (PNs) with a huge amount of education across their portfolio of vaccines. The objective of the HPV session is to highlight the PNs’ role in identifying girls that are at risk of not receiving, or have missed, their HPV vaccine, driving improvements in areas of lower than UK average uptake. The HPV educational video was designed to connect at the emotional level through a blend of reportage-style of filming and infographic data communication. Utilising this creative angle delivered a memorable message in a busy day of learning, ultimately yielding an increase in vaccination rates.

By: Life

This self-promotional video showcased a range of campaigns using digital motion graphic techniques. It closely followed the house style with monochrome consumer-style imagery and electronic music closely synced with the animation. The showreel was posted on a website linked to YouTube and Vimeo and supported by social media activity. It was promoted via HTML emails featuring animated GIFs from the showreel, as well as press ads and business cards with Augmented Reality links to the showreel, so customers could view it on smartphone or tablet. The success of the campaign could therefore be tracked using multiple metrics.

Some of the material on these pages may be intended for viewing only by UK healthcare professionals.

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