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Health iQ are leaders in real world data with an outstanding NHS heritage in informatics, commissioning and public health. Our award-winning work spans pharma, medical devices and the NHS. We support our clients to harness the power of real world data to measure effectiveness, determine outcomes, demonstrate value and engage with customers and stakeholders. Our market-leading insight is encapsulated in our LinQ Real World Data Reports and Vantage - a cloud-based Business Intelligence tool with real world data that enables real time data-led conversations. We are also pioneers in simulation models for market access and service redesign.

Gold: EYLEA Commissioning Toolkit
By: emotive
For: Bayer UK

The EYLEA® Commissioning Toolkit (ECT) is a comprehensive, user-intuitive iOS application developed by emotive for Bayer, UK. As populations age, ophthalmology becomes an increasing demand on CCG budgets given the long-term nature associated with eye diseases. The ECT was designed to ensure CCGs fully appreciate the need to employ cost-effective treatment strategies whilst maximising clinical capacity. It was created with the integration of in-house health economics and outcomes research and ophthalmic and user experience expertise. The ECT combines a BIM with real-world local evidence and a visual acuity simulation tool in order to illustrate budget impact across four indications.

Silver: Stroke Landscape Tool
By: Greater Manchester AHSN
For: Daiichi Sankyo

By: Bedgebury Communications
For: Sanofi Pasteur MSD
The National Shingles Immunisation Programme, launched in 2013, is designed to help protect an ageing population against an often painful and long-term condition.
A lack of numerical targets, complexities in programme cohorts, plus many competing immunisation responsibilities resulted in varying levels of vaccine uptake across CCGs.
For year 2 of the programme, the Bedgebury and SPMSD team developed a VEEVA application to map DoH uptake down to CCG level in an easy to interrogate format, enabling targeted uptake improvement plans to be developed.
This helped an extra 40,000 patients to be protected in the second year of the programme.
By: RFA Advertising & Marketing
For: MSD

RFA developed a campaign to continue to encourage sales of Remicade, post-patent expiry. We developed an interactive, trackable CLM presentation that effectively communicated the value offered by Remicade and demonstrated measurable patient outcomes. To enable this, RFA implemented a unique algorithm that tailors content to each stakeholder group, whilst also including cost calculator models and illustrations to remove the complexity of competitor discount schemes. Other bespoke tools within the sales aid include integrated email, an interactive patient timeline, and video. The success of this has been evident in Remicade’s recent growth in sales, despite its price reduction.

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