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Bringing together news, analysis and expert perspectives from all stakeholders in health, including commercial providers, healthcare professionals and patients, our thought-provoking content keeps the pharmaceutical industry informed and connected, driving collaboration and innovation. In June 2016 we launch a brand new type of digital publication to the industry – Deep Dive.

Gold: Transplant360
By: The Earthworks
For: Astellas Pharma Europe

The Transplant 360 strategy was straightforward: To become the number one resource for patients preparing for, or who have received, an organ transplant.


The reason for this, however, was highly ambitious. We wanted to directly improve clinical outcomes for patients by encouraging them to lead healthier lives, facilitate better tracking of their key measures and connect them seamlessly with their healthcare team, improving communication.


We know that if a patient does these three things they are more likely to keep their new organ for longer, which could even save their life. Nothing is more significant as an objective than that 

Silver: My HIV… My Rules
By: Packer Forbes Communications
For: Gilead Sciences Ltd. UK

My HIV…My Rules is an emotive and compelling film telling personal stories of ordinary people living inspirational lives with HIV. It was developed in conjunction with the HIV community as a core campaign tool to empower people living with HIV to initiate positive lifestyle changes to safeguard their long-term health.  The film was premiered at an event just ahead of World AIDs Day. The film has been talked about, tweeted about and watched over 1,000 times since its launch in November 2015. On Twitter alone it received 148 tweets (reaching an audience of 1,967,284).

Bronze: The Trouble With Dragons App
By: McCann Manchester
For: Shire Pharmaceuticals Limited

It’s estimated that ADHD affects between 2-5% of school-age children. Yet for those affected, there was little support to help learn about ADHD, how it affects you, and how best to manage the challenges it can present.

‘The Trouble with Dragons’ started life as a traditional print storybook. Through the familiar medium of story, it provided support in a format that’s identifiable to a child, their world and way of thinking. Olly (who has ADHD) and Red the dragon’s (who is Olly’s ADHD) tale was adapted as an interactive app, alongside the addition of new content and interactions.

By: Havas Life Medicom
For: Sanofi

Call to Action has a single objective – encourage as many people with diabetes as possible to talk to their doctor openly, honestly and in an informed way about their blood sugar control. Central to the campaign is a discussion guide designed to bridge the communication gap between doctors and people with diabetes – overcoming embarrassment, guilt, or lack of knowledge, to facilitate discussions that result in positive changes to diabetes management. By leveraging FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pay Per Click advertising the campaign resulted in thousands of people downloading or printing the discussion guide – supporting better dialog and ultimately better outcomes.

By: inVentiv Health Communications
For: Gilead

We created the initiative 'Positive Conversations' to create helpful dialogue between HIV-positive patients and physicians.


Assets were produced to encourage patients to discuss treatment problems with their physician, resulting in either amelioration of their problem or a switch to an alternative regimen.


The primary asset was an eBook video that HIV+ patients could view just prior to their consultation, prompting them to be open about their treatment issues.


The initiative’s proposed pilot was cancelled due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from PAGs, and an initial run of 20 eBooks became 1000 as it was rolled out across the UK and Ireland.

By: Kay Greveson, Royal Free Hospital Centre for Gastroenterology

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic condition causing inflammation of the intestines. Travellers with IBD are at greater risk of travel-related morbidity through exacerbations of IBD & acquisition of infectious diseases. IBD passport was developed to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professional. The website development was entirely nurse-led and is the first resource of its kind that aims to provide comprehensive education and awareness of travel issues in IBD by drawing together evidence-based information from key organisations and government literature into one resource. This information would otherwise be unavailable for patients or difficult to understand.

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