How doctors use health information in and after a consultation

In 2018, the PM Society’s Patient Engagement Interest Group surveyed doctors across both primary and secondary care on patient information. This factsheet series looks at how doctors use patient information in practice, what sources they use most, the perceived impact on patients and the barriers to patients accessing good quality information. Below, the first factsheet … Continued

The cost of pitching and the size of the prize

Recent research conducted by the PM Society revealed that 61% of agencies spend over £15,000 in internal agency time for a £200,000 pitch, and 41% spend over £25,000 per pitch. In addition, while most agencies spend less than £5,000 in out of pocket expenses for a pitch, 28% spend between £5,000 and £25,000 (conducting research, … Continued

The PM Society Awards Events – Frequently Asked Questions

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Society runs two annual awards events; the PM Society Awards at the start of February and the Digital Awards in September.  We are often asked why we run two awards, why, in an era when everything is digital, do we run a specific “digital” awards, and what are the differences between the … Continued

Careers in the pharmaceutical industry – Top tips for graduates

Careers in the pharmaceutical industry – Top tips for graduates! Following the success of our Career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry event on the 12th February, we have produced a top tips guide for graduates to help them in their career search. To read the event report in full please click here If you’re interested … Continued

Supporting diversity in Pharmaceutical communications

By Faisal Ahmed, Sudler, PM Society Committee Member Recently, the PM Society has been increasingly asked – what are we doing about diversity in our industry? Firstly, we need to define what we mean by diversity. There is Gender, Class, Disability, LGBT, BAME, and Neurodiversity. Secondly, diversity within what?  Do we mean numbers of women … Continued

Running a Successful Pitch

10 Top Tips Consider whether you need a pitch at all: Pitching is expensive for everyone. Could one of your incumbent agencies develop this new project? Consider all pitching models: A full competitive pitch is the most expensive of all. Try a ‘pitch in a day’ or a strategic workshop so that you can see … Continued

Practical Steps to move beyond the talk

In January 2018, the PM Society hosted an event: Patient engagement – a real-world snapshot, beyond the talk, which will focus on some of the real-world examples of patient engagement in action. The aim of the event was to offer attendees practical ways to engage with patients and overcome some of the barriers related to … Continued

Patient Engagement 2017 Survey Results

The Patient engagement Interest Group ran a survey in 2017 entitled “Is patient engagement happening in pharma today?” View snapshot results PEIG 2017 Survey Snapshot results View full report PEIG 2017 Survey full report