What’s the secret behind a strong Client/Agency partnership?

What’s the magic formula that makes some clients and agencies click, while others collide rather unsuccessfully and before you know it, they’re both looking for new partners? Dive into the submissions for the Pharma Digital Partner Award, in last year’s PM Society Digital Awards, and you’ll find plenty of clues. Agencies nominating someone for this … Continued

Patient Access to new medicines; the changing landscape

Introduction The market access landscape has changed substantially since the introduction of NICE (1999) and the PPRS (2009, updated in 2014). Increasingly formalised pricing mechanisms were introduced in the PPRS (2009) to allow a range of options to industry, including patient access schemes. The core focus of NICE at the start of its existence, in … Continued

What does an informed patient mean for healthcare?

On 27th November 2018, the second Patient Engagement Interest Group Meeting of the year was held at The Royal Society of Medicine, London. It showcased a series of talks covering the important topic of ‘What does an informed patient mean for healthcare?” Following a warm welcome, Caroline Benson, Chair of the PM Society Patient Engagement … Continued

Viewpoint #6: Data is important, but which data?

Half of science is asking the right questions. So said Roger Bacon apparently. If you prefer your bacon a little less medieval, Francis Bacon once said “a prudent question is one-half of wisdom”. In an age where data is everywhere, the challenge is to use it wisely to inform the creative process both before the … Continued