The impact of education level on health information preferences

In 2018, the PM Society’s Patient Engagement Interest Group created a survey designed to assess the health information needs of patients, caregivers, relatives and friends. The results of this survey are published in a series of patient factsheets. In this third factsheet in the series, we compare how health information preferences di­ffer based on the … Continued


Before March very few pitches were ever done by video conference.  After lockdown ALL of them were done this way.  It’s a big adaptation (and we’re still adapting) so we asked a mixture of different agencies to provide their learnings so far. In general, agencies are finding virtual pitches work quite well.  They’re more relaxed … Continued

Pitches, feedback and a missed opportunity

Whichever way you look at it the heat just got turned up. Whether you look at it from a social, political or business perspective, this is true, even within the healthcare sector. Now, possibly more than any time ever before, the marketing teams within pharma, biotech and med device need to successfully elevate the brand … Continued

PM Society Pitch Practice Survey 2019

Background This survey on Pitch practice was run in 2019 by the PM Society’s Industry-Agency Relationships Interest Group (IARIG) led by Rachel Farrow. The aim was to gather information from agencies and pharma clients on experiences of pitch practice from both sides. The survey was sent to senior individuals within the target organisations rather than … Continued

Webinar: Industry engagement post COVID-19 – event report

Pharma engagement with HCPs and patients during and after the COVID-19 crisis  Wednesday 3rd June Industry and agency experts attended the PM Society’s webinar on the 3rd June to discuss how Industry engagement will be redefined and shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar was introduced by Carwyn Jones, PM Society Director and Chief Commercial … Continued

Webinar: Excelling in customer engagement – event report

Excelling in customer engagement How life sciences brands are re-defining HCP communications in light of the global pandemic.  Wednesday, 6th May Industry and agency experts joined the PM Society’s inaugural webinar on the 6th May to discuss how communications in the healthcare industry are being redefined during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was curated by … Continued

Think twice before you call a pitch

Every client/agency relationship has its ups and downs.  There’ll inevitably be points of frustration along the way, where you might be tempted to call a pitch and review. Before you make that decision, it’s worth pausing and reflecting on the implications of pitching and the alternative options. One question worth asking is…are you sure your … Continued

Perceptions of barriers to healthcare information for patients

In 2018, the PM Society’s Patient Engagement Interest Group surveyed doctors across both primary and secondary care on patient information. This factsheet series looks at how doctors use patient information in practice, what sources they use most, the perceived impact on patients and the barriers to patients accessing good quality information. Below, the third factsheet … Continued