The PM Society is a not-for-profit organisation that believes excellent healthcare communications leads to better outcomes for patients.

The PM Society has the following purpose:

  • Supporting organisations and people in healthcare
  • Recognising excellence and promoting best practice
  • Providing education and development


B. 2020 VISION

Delivering educational activities and professional development across the healthcare industry.

  • Gain accreditation for PriMe training.
  • Continue to drive revenues for PriMe and educational events so that the % of overall revenue is increased.
  • Increase breadth of course topics and ongoing development of PriMe.
  • Increase educational meetings and events: via interest groups, Digital Works, PM Society “breakfast” webinars and partnership events.

Improving the relevance and impact of the PM Society.

  • Increase awareness and engagement across the industry.
  • Increase penetration into member companies.
  • Increase PR and content production.
  • Drive cooperation with like-minded organisations.
  • Continue and build focus on involvement of individuals and companies through the Committee, Executive, Interest groups and Advocates.

Maintaining the sustainability of the PM Society.

  • Ensure quality financial management.
  • Maintain Exec, Committee & Advocate membership with a high level of engagement.
  • Ensure succession planning in place for all key activities.
  • Provide effective management and development of all office staff.
  • Maintain the 2 Awards events and PriMe at or above current levels of interest and attendance.



The Executive Committee

The Executive determines the strategy and delivers on the plan for the Society, ensuring effective management of all PM Society activities.

The Committee

The Committee members provide input and ideas to all PM Society activities as well as becoming actively involved in the planning and running of key activities. There are 4 face to face Committee meetings per year.

Interest Groups

Interest groups deliver on the PM Society purpose in their functional area of expertise.


This group consists of individuals who promote the Society and its activities within their own businesses. They do not attend face to face meetings but interact with the Society through email, social media and involvement with Interest Groups.

Members of the PM Society

Companies and individuals join the PM Society in order to:

  • Support a not-for-profit industry body
  • Receive ALL communications on PM Society activities
  • Be eligible for reduced prices for PriMe and educational events
  • Be eligible to enter the Awards




PM Awards (annually)
Digital Awards (annually)


Training courses (1 day to 3 days) held regularly across the year


These are usually half day meetings held 2 -3 times per year


Each interest group generates content and aims to hold 1 educational meeting per year